TouchFLO 3D 2.6 previewed, loved for its colorfulness

18 August, 2009
...Windows Mobile seems to be making the headlines quite often these days. While the upcoming WinMo 6.5 is getting closer than ever to release, a leaked software build of the next version of TouchFLO 3D...

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  • Anonymous

Rip, 19 Aug 2009You sure about that? Then you haven't tried a Samsung Omnia... morethat's because omnia doesn't have 3D graphic accelerator

  • Win7RTM

Hmmm, it does look a little slow (is that because this is an nearly finished version, or will MS have to work that out over firmware updates???). Speed aside, I like the reminiscence of the Superbar integrated into the menu. The overall design of the UI shoots for the hopes to be more user-friendly, but we will have to see how that fares for HTC when released.

  • Anonymous

come on guys, its still very very slow and useless. i m not a iphone fan but it is better, you know that...

  • Shah

Well this is the next generation tech or u can say this way Future technology,But this technology will be implemented in other mobile companies like Nokia,SonyEricsson,Samsung etc.....I think Nokia or Samsung will take this TouchFlo 3D in their next or Future Touch Screen phones. :)

  • Anonymous

So slow, very disappointing. The LG chocolate looks much better

  • Tanvir Rashid

@ GSM ARENA TEAM: Just wondering, if i purchase an HTC Diamond 2 now will i be able to upgrade the TouchFLO 3D software to Touch Flo3D displayed in this article? really appreciate your input as i am keep to buy one shortly.thanks and you guys rocks!

  • m.i.k.e.

Rip, 19 Aug 2009You sure about that? Then you haven't tried a Samsung Omnia... moreit's slow, you like it or not, but it's slow!!!

  • Rip

Bored, 18 Aug 2009Yawnnn!! WinMo phones are tooooo slowwwww. Nothing's change... moreYou sure about that? Then you haven't tried a Samsung Omnia... You'll see how "slow" it really is with its 624mhz processor...

  • Bored

Yawnnn!! WinMo phones are tooooo slowwwww. Nothing's changed. Takes ages for the apps to load. Same old same old...

  • Anonymous

Seems like HTC steal their ideas from XDA-Devolopers which is no bad thing but many of the features and UI touches already done by XDA-Dev...

Well at least HTC is doing what the customers wants.

  • Rip

I don't know what to make of it. It looks like the hybrid son of the original TouchFLO and the Sense UI! It's sort of like Winmo crossed with Android sort of thing. But it's still the same; a few icons to the right and a few shortcuts here and there; nothing really innovative. HTC only seems to be trying to take advantage of the attention Sense is getting...

  • Wes

Very nice. I would just like the time part to be smaller so there could be 6 shortcuts instead of 3.

  • David

My brothers HTC HD is not laggy at all, it's very smooth and responsive following finger moves straight away. Guess this is just a testing hardware.

  • Anonymous

Hm, it's still in beta I guess, I believe in final version it would be fast.

  • HD engr

It really sucks, not impressive at all (same old boring UI) and most of the time in the videos it only showed sliding at the bottom back and forth, yawning..

  • Tom

I think the touchflo 3d is a really good interface which lets us all enjoy a different kind of fun. Like the iphone interface we have some good features but the touchflo 3d is ins own league. With the new 2.6 ver out we can be assured HTC mobiles will be coming up in the market again.

  • Ewan!! Windows for for me..not anymore, unless they improve the speed. WinMo is sooooooo slow.. :(

  • bummy

looks beautiful, but like others say, its very very slow. Nothing more painful than to wait for your picture gallery to load...

And @ second video, that guy sounds like a salesmen.

  • kirt

Massive lag

  • tchpro

can we have it on our devices when it came?
touch pro or diamond ?