Galaxy S6 to ditch Snapdragon 810 over overheating fears

15 January, 2015
Samsung will reportedly replace the Qualcomm chipset with its own Exynos-series chip.

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  • Anonymous

No Fan Boy...!, 15 Jan 2015I don't know why people complain about Exynos...its really a gre... moreWrong. AMOLED will NEVER be the best. The IPS is the best display.

  • Anonymous

I think samsung is trying to go ahead with its own series to remain in front from chinese brands in battle... They might make more powerfup exynos processors than sd available to lead others... Would be a lot benificial...

  • Anonymous

Who says lower performing???

  • No Fan Boy...!

AnonD-193514, 15 Jan 2015buddy i agree with you that they are equally powerful,but proble... moreThe main reason for S3 not getting KitKat/lollipop is the sales of their successor , if S3 gets lollipop , then people who own S3 will not upgrade to S4/S5 or even upcoming S6...!

  • Anonymous

Other companies are able to use Snapdragon 810 processors on their handsets with NO overheating, while Samsung can't?

  • Ajith

I will believe samsung only if they poduce exynos only versions and completely ditch SD and make it available in all the western countries as equally as they do it in India. Samsung showrooms shown a sudden desertedness only because of the reviews that poeple read from online sources like flipkart product pages and India specific youtube reviews that they go through before going to a brick and mortar showroom. People are feeling like samsung is showing a partiality just like a racist. This over heating dramma is going to end soon as Xiomi note pro is using sd810 and Indians are going to experiance it and judge it by themself. It has got dual 4g slots also. So lets see it in those youtube reviews soon.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-43136, 15 Jan 2015The reason they don't give Indians the 4g chipset is because man... morethen why higher price for low performing exynos ?

  • AnonD-1385

I meant to comment on Mediatek from much earlier but it slipped my mind. Mediatek has to be the worst chipset. A dual core 1.3 GHz is much slower than the S2's 1.2 dual core despite the extra 200MHz clockspeed of the Mediatek. As 'Anonym' said "it all boils down to the availability of source code and how well the manufacturer maintains said code."

The funny thing is that the Galaxy S series is so popular and respected that even if Samsung was to manufacture the S6 with a Mediatek chipset, it would still sell millions. Just like popular movies, no matter how crappy each sequel may be, they make millions because of the popularity of it.

  • AnonD-347365

AnonD-1385, 15 Jan 2015Exynos is a very good chipset. I currently own a S2 i9100 and it... moreA very fishy rambling I must say.

  • Anonym

AnonD-193514, 15 Jan 2015buddy i agree with you that they are equally powerful,but proble... moreActually it all boils down to the availability of source code and how well the manufacturer maintains said code.

I can go from the worst of the worst (Medidatek), which doesn't released the source code and doesn't maintain it (even though they are now in a marketing effort to counter that), up to Qualcomm/Snapdragon which releases everything and keeps things properly maintained.

Samsung is in the middle, it releases stuff but doesn't maintain them that well. Be grateful you have so many people working for those devices, otherwise they would be very near Mediatek in terms of crapiness.

  • AnonD-1385


Ok buddy I see your point but that may have been the Note 3. As far as I know everybody who owns an S5 whether Exynos or Snapdragon says they are able to play any high end game though they admit that the 3D performance is a little bit better with the Snapdragon. I left my teenage years and twenties a very long time ago so I'm not so much an avid gamer as I use to be so really and truly I couldn't care less about games.

What I do know is that if software isn't optimised for a hardware then you will never see the full potential. Just as how back in the the year 1995 100X CD-Recordable drives never showed any greater burning speed over a 16X as there was no burning software written to take the full advantage of the 100X speed capabilities.

Snapdragon is apparently fully supported by developers so it apparently has a GPU edge over Exynos. Can you imagine is Exynos was fully supported like Snapdragon is, it would probably shatter Snapdragon to dust.

People whether you have Exynos S series or a Snapdragon version it really shouldn't matter as it's still a flagship and very much high end. Appreciate what you have.

  • AnonD-193514

AnonD-1385, 15 Jan 2015Exynos is a very good chipset. I currently own a S2 i9100 and it... morebuddy i agree with you that they are equally powerful,but problem is with compatablity with os,as well as apps

take example of s3,which is still capable of lollipop,but cant get even kitkat,and stuck on 4.3,its due to their hardware compatabality,

another example of note 3,when it relesed in my country,no high end games was compatable with it{mali 628}.

the developers for snapdragon is far more than exynos, most people will agree with me on this, simply coz most devices in the world are using snapdrogen chips.

  • django

baseless rumors .. typical samsung marketting way of scoring brownie points

exynos is knows for battery drain and heating and not SD..
samsung spread similar rumors about why t was dumping sonys camera sensor for its own..

  • django

AnonD-1385, 15 Jan 2015Exynos is a very good chipset. I currently own a S2 i9100 and it... moreworking for samsung ?

  • AnonD-1385

Exynos is a very good chipset. I currently own a S2 i9100 and it's really fast. I was so amazed at the speed coming from the Nokia world. I have owned more Nokia than any other brand and I quickly got to appreciate the benefits of more RAM as well as more speed with the S2. It is said that somebody has more than 600 apps on their S2 and it still doesn't slow down. My overall experience with the S2 let me realise how good the Exynos chipset is.

I have never owned a Snapdragon powered phone but I have used phones with Snapdragon in them and really and truly you can't tell the differences between them easily. It's not like one is 5 seconds faster than the other. The way I see it Exynos is just as high end as Snapdragon if not more superior.

I recently got an S5 and it's also powered by the lastest Exynos chipset (S5 G900h Octa-Core) and I'm mightly impressed with it. It's buttery smooth and the audio quality is excellent...that Wolfson DAC really brings sweet music. My first experience with a S5 wasn't so good because the sound sounded flat and tinny...until I got my hands on my own personal Exynos powered S5. One thing I like about Octa-core S5 is that it doesn't get hot. It gets a bit warm at times but never hot. It's cold for the most part...even during charging. My S5 is fast, smooth and sounds great...what more do I need in a flagship?

After my personal experience with my S2 and my S5...I don't need any Snapdragon chipset. I'm perfectly fine with Exynos. Also, according to reviews the Exynos powered S5 Octa-Core is said to be 20% faster (some sources say 25%) than the quad-core Snapdragon. It should be faster, afterall you are getting an additional 2.8GHz of CPU clockspeed (being a Computer Technician I like to calculate clockspeed/cores)
So I'm quite contended with my Exynos whether it be in a S2 or S5. It's clearly a winner.

For those who are interested these are said to be the discernible differences between S5 Exynos and S5 Snapdragon (according to sources):

1. More powerful cpu. The HMP 5422 is around 20% more powerful than snapdragon 801.

2. Faster RAM. Exynos s5 has 933 mhz ram over 800 mhz of snapdragon version.

3. Much better DAC. Exynos s5 has wolfson DAC which will provide a much better sound output over snapdragon s5 which has qualcomm DAC.

4. Full UHS I speed support.: The exynos s5 supports full class 10 ultra sd card speeds up to 70 MB/S which qualcomm doesn't.

5. More internal memory. It has 11.5 GB free whereas snapdragon version has 10 GB free.

6. Better ram management: exynos s5 has around 300 mb more free ram over snapdragon s5

7. Exynos powered Galaxy S5 is more power efficient, as during low work load it can only use its Little cores to save battery juice, Snapdragon variant does not have that option.

8. Exynos 5422 has the capability to supports hardware-assisted visualization, Snapdragon 801 does not have this.

  • to atif khan

How do you know that? Better work on your English mate

  • AnonD-147044

I bet they will "fix" the overheating issues with thermal throttling. oh wait they already did this. smartphones are ded.

AnonD-4254, 15 Jan 2015Dude, it was me posting from my Office. Thanks for the informati... moreNoone in the West had 4G on the initial Note 2 either (and the 4G version still had Exynos just like the 3G version, it just had an added Qualcomm LTE modem). The only difference with Note 2 4G would have been that it would cost more money and didn't have FM-radio (and the 4G still wouldn't have worked as the bands are totally wrong for India).

  • AnonD-43136

AnonD-337832, 15 Jan 2015no research needed, if a chipset is unable to play a 4k video or... moreThe reason they don't give Indians the 4g chipset is because many are still using 2g.

  • AnonD-43136

AnonD-337832, 15 Jan 2015the mediatek, exynos, a8 are all the developing chipsets trying ... moreActually it was called scorpion!