Nokia N900 is now officially outed and it packs some serious stuff

27 August, 2009
Well, it seem Nokia have something even more exciting to announce at the upcoming Nokia World, so they’ve decided to fire early with the N900 tablet/smartphone announcement. N900 is a continuation of Nokia...

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  • ajay

Darpon.Khan, 03 Jul 2010Can i use java,sis and sisx in Nokia n900 or HTC HD2 ?yes u can fully use this it has lots of things to go.It supports java MIDP 2.1which means you can download every java apps.Though you doesn't ovi store u can download it from its website.I have tried it on one of my friend's n900 it really worked good but can u help me in telling me how good is battery life

  • Darpon.Khan

Can i use java,sis and sisx in Nokia n900 or HTC HD2 ?

  • therohan

Hey folks,

Just received an invitation from Forum.Nokia to be a part of the most anticipated N900smart phone launch this Saturday in Bangalore.

So thought of sharing the details with fellow developers to experience the much awaited launch first before anyone else does.

Also, we can bring along apps or widgets designed by us and show them off in the event. We can even win a N900 for free!

The Details of the event are below:
Email for confirmation:
Or call at: 080 65590000
Date 19th June 2010
Venue: Nokia Concept Store, Church St. Bangalore.

Don’t miss it!!

  • Anonymous

how can i see pic. of flash player?

  • Anonymous

MushiSushi, 03 Nov 2009How does this processor compare to the (1ghz) snapdragon?the processor is faster even compared to 1ghz snap dragon. N900 as seperate processors for audio,video. Hence 600 seems is fast as it doenst hv to handle audio and video unlike other 1ghz snap dragon phones in market

  • anjar yogi pamungkas

can i see application n used of nokia N00

  • MushiSushi

How does this processor compare to the (1ghz) snapdragon?

  • Anonymous

Worth the money if only for full flash web browing not even a Nokia fan

  • Anonymous

Wow 600+ posts!

  • Anonymous

Is the best and by Far!!
Is in its own league!!!

  • Read my lips


  • Anonymous

this phone is the best!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2009Gsmarena, where's the nokia X6 and X3 news? To satisfy the ... more

Here! It is written capacitive from the beginning...But who reads...

  • nice phone

Hi guys! I'm an avid fan of Nokia and Symbian phones from Philippines, and I'd like to share my interest in exploring new features in mobile technology particularly this new device and its Maemo platform for mobile communicators.

I'd like to witness how it performs well as a device, mobile communicator, and internet tablet, and be able to know what lies behind this new mobile OS.

I also want to know how worthy to have this device over the other existing and upcoming competitors and rivals in its level, and chat and meet people with the same interest.

I hope we can share each and everyone's knowledge on this stuff among all of electronic gadgets we've had. is nice place to hangout.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2009The real last post. Do not comment any further. lolok

  • Anonymous

The real last post.

Do not comment any further. lol

  • Adiel

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2009How many times must this be said: it's the ONLY phone with ... moreDon't talk about what you don't know, N900 has the same 256 MB PHYSICAL RAM..the rest is virtual...get it??We will see what difference it will make but stop posting false information.

  • Anonymous

bdg, 05 Sep 2009LAST !!! finally.............

  • bdg

LAST !!!


  • heuteland

Pif, 01 Sep 2009Snapdragon is working on tact of 1GHz Cheersgreat, have you seen the battery e.g. battery time...