Nokia N900 is now officially outed and it packs some serious stuff

27 August, 2009
Well, it seem Nokia have something even more exciting to announce at the upcoming Nokia World, so they’ve decided to fire early with the N900 tablet/smartphone announcement. N900 is a continuation of Nokia...

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  • Erick

This device will be appealing to a certain niche to complement the E75 and N97 as an all round Device. The very big question on many people's minds should be where Nokia Sees the future as far as choice of OS for future smart phones. It is backing windows for its for forthcoming booklet 3G, introducing Maemo for its N tablets, and pushing Symbian elsewhere, with possibly apart from entry level devices replacing its java s40.

  • Anonymous

i like the video :D

  • Anonymous

thats 1 sexy phone......

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]must b joking... what else do u want? fish n chips built into dat?

  • andrew

by the way,the phone is not that has almost the same dimensions as the nokia can compare both at nokia website

  • amani

this is the future... i love NOKIA!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2009i would rather buy a netbookif you travel a lot you will apreciate this N900. I have the 1.2kg Asus notebook with centrino (PentiumM), and I do feel the trouble of bringing my notebook on travelling.

  • g4vysd

best phone ever??
is nokia back on top??
something to aim for now

  • hargs48

Yeah man...hardcore...great specs...N900..ftw...

  • Anonymous

i would rather buy a netbook