UK getting Samsung I7500 Galaxy through O2 network exclusively

03 September, 2009
O2 seems to have an exclusive deal for the Samsung Galaxy for pretty much all their networks and they already sell the device - at least in Germany, as far as we know. But a today's announcement revealed that the first...

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  • stuart

htc hero although missing a flash is better finished device

  • Anonymous

what the hell is t-mobile USA doing the need to pull there head out of there ass and market this bad boy

  • Dezzy

£45 per month to get the phone for free, are O2 totally insane ? Good luck on getting a large uptake at that pricepoint.

  • Anonymous

Lucy, 04 Sep 2009I received my Galaxy late last night and was really excited... moreTreating customers as beta testers seem to be the norm these days, huh?

  • Lucy

I received my Galaxy late last night and was really excited - I've been waiting to get one since it was first announced back in April or whenever it was. I spent ages charging it and guess what? The screen is faulty! There's an entire line of pixels that just glow red (is this flimmering as mentioned previously?) So I have to send it back. Won't get a replacement til the end of next week apparently. However, I have tried it out as much as I can without downloading anything and I have several points:

- The camera has no zoom or any features such as white balance etc (may be Android specific?)
- The video quality is really quite bad, but I suppose at least it has video recording capabilities
- It sometimes doesn't register when you press something, especially when trying to select the widgets on the home screen
- The home screen button is really springy so when you pick the phone up you can feel it vibrate
- The back cover feels like it's going to break whenever you take it off

However, it does have one of the best screens I've ever come across.

  • Azher

Y not In Asia?

  • Dave

11th, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  • Raj

I hear that all the android phone have a propietary camera interface, is that true? What i mean, i hear it doesnt allow phone makers to put in the features they want into the camera while you are taking the shot, i just want to clearify.

  • GermanGalaxyUser

I sure hope Samsung is still working on performance and bugs, because the Galaxy has many issues, apart from Android specific ones.

For example:

# NO 16,1 Million-Colour-Support
# Galaxys AMOLED-Screen has flimmering/statics
# Battery-Life unpredictable and low
# Tethering not working reliably
# Camera picture quality/speed below par
# 3.5mm Jack loose
# Music has no bass +too quiet on some headphones
# Sluggish GUI experience
# keyboard can't handle two thumb-input-accidents

  • Chad

What was samsung thinking when put 128 mb of ram? come ooon give us 256 mb of ram

  • Wesley

This is too bad, I hate these exclusive deals. O2 is charging double what other networks charge for a HTC Android phone per month with the phone free - £44. And for the usual amount of £25 per month that gets you an awesome HTC Hero from other networks, you have to pay in £200 for the phone.

I ain't even going near you O2!

  • Anonymous


  • Sabahoudin

LoL, this phone has been selling in croatia's tele2 for three weeks now. :p

  • Arron

now O2 uk have Iphone and now this... i like this handset

  • Anonymous