HTC Tattoo set on bringing Android OS to the masses

08 September, 2009
After several leaks over the past couple of months it now came time for the HTC Click to make its first official appearance. Its final name is HTC Tattoo, which goes to underline its youthful appeal...

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  • Krishna

Please Please dont prefer the HTC Tattoo...
Its very useless OS. So many bugs are there.
Without testing they have released the mobile.

1) We cant see the time of messages and calls for all except today.
2) We cant edit the event with name in Calendar option
3) Here we need to download every application including small applications also.They are saying application is free but browsing and download we have to pay to network.
4) We cant able to select 3 or 4 icons at a ctrl+A
5) We need to restart the mobile for starting the mobile network.
6) It is not showing the songs with folder wise (If we will save the songs with in the folder in SD Card)
7) We cant minimize the current windows, Means we need to come back every time.

it has so many issues in this mobile
So Please do not prefer the HTC Tattoo.. Please save your money.

Thanks & Regards


this phone is ayt but when is it getting an os update????

  • fsdfdsf

very well

  • Poisonspider

I cannot understand why people write here bad about this phone even though they don't have it yet??? This phone is not for snoby people but many people has not an easy job in wallstreet and they work hard for the money and don't loose the money of there customers! So it need also a phone wiht very good OS in a price range under 500 bucks! And so what.. a phone under 300$ cannot have same features like a phone in the range 500$ up.. think about it!

  • Anonymous

The HTC Tattoo will be available in Europe at the beginning of October, and will roll out in markets around the world in the months after. There is no official information about the pricing of the handset yet, but rumor has it that it will cost about 200 euro (300 US dollars).

  • rushi

price of this phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2009i wonder why all android phones have no video-conference camera?Android is still an immature OS, it doesn't support all functionalities yet... like the screen resolution limit.

  • Anonymous

Yes! FM-radio! Why isn't that always included?

  • jaSz

No Capacitive Display? oh gosh... FAIL

  • Anonymous

Such a nice design and sweet spec sheet for an affordable phone. I'm sure this phone would create a following. Only one thing comes in my mind: I wish it was on Windows Mobile 6.5. I'm foreseeing an immediate future where custom WM 6.5 ROMs will be ported into this phone. BooYa!

  • Anonymous

Does it support multi touch function (like in HTC hero)?

  • YoungMovieStar

Resistive touch screen! Useless.

  • Anonymous

i wonder why all android phones have no video-conference camera?

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm® MSM7225 CPU、512 MB ROM、256 MB RAM
thats what it says in another phone web

  • Anonymous

2.8" display monitor??
why is it getting smaller now?!
i want a 3.5 or 3.8 inch display >

  • Android lover

For anyone talking bad about this device you obviously did not read the post about it. HTC is trying to reach a younger market with an entry level Android device and they are still trying tokeep it within reason. Not every phone that comes ou can be themost amazing thing we have ever seen and really if you dont like the phne fine, then don't whine about it just simply don't buy it you jackass. Stick with the myTouch, G1, Hero or whatever your Android of choice is and get over the fact that this is not the best thing ever. P.S. for anyone tat does not work in wireless, you should not be posting here anyways because your opinion plain out does not matter.

  • Andrew

Hope to see it in Latvia :)

  • Anonymous

It's not HTC's fault Android can't support a higher resolution... Android is clearly a bugdet version of Linux, while Maemo is the high-end version.

  • Anonymous

to cheat more people ??

  • Anonymous

Rajeev, 08 Sep 2009Good tht HTC is trying 2 bring Android OS closer 2 more ppl... moreanother htc touch to cheat more people