Palm announce their second WebOS smartphone - the Pixi

09 September, 2009
Let's face it, Palm and their WebOS-driven Pre never really took off on our side of the Big Pond but that's simply because they went for a CDMA radio instead of GSM. That aside, Palm's WebOS is a wonderful...

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  • doy

it lacks so many features and Palm has been very slow releasing GSM version that I just got a BlackBerry instead.

  • dr. Tom

If you have had a Pre and had to deal with the slider being loos, you would jump all over the Pixi. The size of the Pre is just a little to fat and when the keyboard is open there are some sharp edges. So for me being a Pre user. I will have to say its time to upgrade

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is not better than the palm pre as it lacks so many features like wi fi a better camera and many phones so I do not think it will attract many people

  • kaash

what i cant understand why dont palm pre get released o2 im the uk. Reading about it on the site soundz good and reading the review , phoned o2 in the uk they said they have no idea. What i want to know when will it be realesed in the uk.

  • Ed

Dan, 11 Sep 2009"While Palm have still not kept that promise for a GSM Pre.... moreNext month? Really? Not according to Palm who this morning were still saying 'in time for the Christmas Holidays' i.e. the week before Christmas when it won't interfere with the cash bonanza that is the cult of the iphone.

  • Dan

"While Palm have still not kept that promise for a GSM Pre..."

Err....yeah...they have. GSM Palm Pre is launching next month in the UK, slower than the US variant admittedly but better late than never. As for not gaining "market appreciation" here, it's widely tipped to be a genuine iPhone beater and will be promoted heavily by O2 (see their most recent sales brochure - page 2 is a big fat Pre advert!)

  • vinci24

We don't need Pixi, we need your Pre's GSM version.

  • Goth iffty

This phone reminds me so much of my SN P1i :)

  • godohgod

Iphone meet blackberry ... Palm needs to get back to the drawing board and invest in product design instead of ripping idea's off innovative companies... pathetic.

  • Leo

David, 09 Sep 2009Who the he** wants a smartphone with no GSM, 3G, Wi-fi and ... moreI know who!!!!!! NOBODY!!!

  • Anonymous

I hope they provide 3G support on this as it's usless otherwise in Australia.

  • David

Who the he** wants a smartphone with no GSM, 3G, Wi-fi and a 2mp camera?

  • Anonymous

a 2.6" cap touchie and full keyboard in 99g body???

hold on, im going to get some tissues. i just had an orgasm.

  • Juds

Come on Palm ! - all we want is a Palm Treo 650 with 8MP camera with flash and Wifi, is it that difficult ? ?

  • Leo

Announcing a second webOS device? Palm hasn´t even been able to launch the pre and now they´re coming up with the sissy...erm, pixi???
When will this POC come out? December 32, 3204??? Palm sucks!

  • jPc

Ed, 09 Sep 2009I think you guys are being more than a bit disingenuous whe... moreA quick point on Telefonica and O2 exlusive phone launches. In more than one country in the GSM world they have shown themselves to be inept and ill prepared to cope with demand.

  • jPc

Ed, 09 Sep 2009My point was a more general one that GSM Arena have never r... moreFair point about the fact that Telefonica have yet to release the GSM Pre into the wild over here but that´s just the point that has me annoyed with Palm themselves. I´ve used Palm PDAs and phones all my life and agree they make an excellent device but why can´t I enjoy a GSM version of the Pre at the same time as the CDMA users? The result is that I am now chomping at the bit for a QWERTY Android phone and let´s face it; there are a plethora of devices about to be released, personally I think we´re gonna see an avalanche of releases in the last quarter / first quarter of next year. So we´re going to have MORE choice very soon. Plus, we are assuredly looking at better expandability, CPU spec and internal RAM. Palm need to address the global market asap. That´s their problem.

Agree with point that got it wrong on the take up of GSM Pre´s as well.

  • Rip

Lol! That is the funniest bit of news I´ve read in quite a while! First off... this thing is hideous! It´s even uglier than the pre... And what about the f@ggotty-@ss name!!! pixi??? They should have called it the "fairy"! And no wifi? I swear, I thought it was April's fools day!!

  • Ed

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2009Palm decided to delay the GSM version of Pre. How is it a ... moreMy point was a more general one that GSM Arena have never reviewed ANY Palm model, not just the Pre

  • kapil dawe

i,ve been using palm650 since last 5 years.fantastic phone. wanna upgrade just because of the weight.
just wanna know one thing. does it have office application (word excel etc) with the EDITOR. i,d be grateful to get this information. thank you