Leaked specs of Android powered Motorola MB200 and MB300

09 September, 2009
Only a day before the Motorola Android event, the specs of two unannounced handsets running the Google OS were spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance files. Both phones feature full hardware QWERTY keyboards..

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  • mannu

Can any one tell me that is your moto cliq camera is blur too? M confused i have searched but didn't find any accurate answer....

  • authentic

i have used many phones, but the mb200 de beeee

  • ricky

I read a blog where they had specs about Sholes and Morrison.. Amazing feature. I guess Motorola wants their way back in the game.


  • santozz

phone is superb, however they run very late..while competitors like LG,Samsung and Sony Ericsson already offer their android phones earlier...too bad

  • Zaid

Motorola is the pioneer in mobile industry so plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont laugh .They are stillthe best with new inovation .I am sure they will come out to be No 1 again .

  • gagandeep sharma ind

wait! this is just simply a great effort by Motorola under these extreme circumstances for a company looking to make a come back or simply survive.Ddon't criticize it by saying or comparing to other phones in the block.
this is great effort by motorola this phone doesn't appeal you visually but you know why i am praising this just only because Motorola is back not with a bang but now in fighting or competing mode with the rest.

in this comment section some of you have praised this phone and some criticized it heavily but now i am going to give you its true picture.

nokia n900 with maemo 5, htc hero with android, lg chocolate bl 40 , samsung omnia hd each or SE xperia and every one is great in its respect but all of them are in the range of 600 us$
and this motocliq will be almost 200 us $ less than all of them and it gives you almost everything which the above does just a little small screen of 3.1 inch rather than that of 3.5,3.2,3.7 of other device

this is a low end mobile phone and it may be even more cheaper by more 100$

in coming month Motorola is coming with an another device may be a breakthrough rumored as motoshole like cliq was rumored Morrison with spec to blew up the rivals totally and powered by next generation android UI called Eclair with Motorola blur on it and that will be priced among the above mentioned phone and that where you will have to compare and that will be Motorola flagship for next year cliq or dext is just a trailer or synopsis or summary of what motorola is going to offer.

  • daddy shuk

this the best phone ever ive think,its feature might be enough for us all today,be the first to have it.

  • jjsoviet

They should take anything related to Motorola off their site if they keep this up. There's no point in it if everyone will bash the phones before even trying them for themselves.

  • Anonymous

Paijo, 11 Sep 2009will gsmarena give review to Motorola CLIQ?I don't think they will review CLIQ. They don't wanna open their eyes for Motorola phones. This site is Motorola haters site!!

  • Semseddin

It is fun to so many motohaters yelling here including the site itself. Gsmarena doesn't even put the links of the new officially released device yet on the site and yet still introducing an all in one phone with VGA camera. C'mon gsmarena, Who are you kidding ?

MotoCLIQ with MotoBLUR interface is something different amongst other rivals. It has Wifi, HSPDA,Built in GPS, accerolator,digital compass, BT2, 3.1'' capasitive touch screen 320 x 480 resolution, GPS, 5mp camera with autofocus with 24 fps video recording,Full qwerty keyboard, rock solid build quality, 1400mah battery,3.5mm audio jack, more and most important of all CrystalTALK 2 for enhanced call quality.

I am a diehard motofan and i am really happy to see that moto's back in the competition. Remember that this is a %100 motorola device with hardware and software. So, don't come and compare me cheap quality HTC produced china made rubbish Xperia or finnish and other lg/samsung far east garbage. This is just the start of a new line in motorola, the real deal powerful devices which is rumored to be Sholes or Calgary will be officially introduced soon.

If you have logical stuff to talk, i will reply. ;)

  • Anonymous

motorola cliq is realy best android phone today and hard rival for x2 x6 n900 ...
with beter design
thancks moto

  • Paijo

[deleted post]will gsmarena give review to Motorola CLIQ?

  • Anonymous

bravo Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR. great innovation from Motorola!

  • Anonymous

Is this the Motorola Cliq?

  • motofan.ir

Motorola Cliq’s official features and specs include:

WCDMA 900/1700/2100, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
3.1 inch, 320 x 480 pixels touchscreen display
Android 1.5 OS
Custom homescreen with Live Widgets
Android Market
GPS, Turn by Turn directions, Google Maps with Street View, E-Compass
Android HTML Webkit browser
3.5mm headset jack
Bluetooth 1.5 (really? 1.5?)
5MP autofocus camera
Qualcomm MSM7201A Processor, 528 MHz
256MB RAM, 512MB ROM
2GB MicroSD card in the box
1420 mAh battery
Talk-time: up to 6 hours of continuous talk time
Standby time: up to 13.5 days
114 x 58 x 15.6 mm (4.49 x 2.28 x 0.61 in)
163.00 grams (5.7 oz)

  • jjsoviet

Hey guy, if you are watching today's Motorola Android event, you may have seen the Moto CLIQ, supposedly the Morrison. It runs on the MotoBlur Android OS, and has all the features you actually been begging the company to put. How's that, huh?


  • jjsoviet

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2009"This is like the "PC Gaming is dying" thing, where people ... moreI meant it in terms of popularity, not specs and features. Obviously, Nokia's win out by a huge margin. However, look at how consoles get more attention than the PC - that's what Motorola is in right now. Motorola is still "alive" and produces good phones (more in the future), but focus is always on the other brands like SE and Nokia. Why not give all a chance, and not having just some form of a one-sided war?

  • Leo

nicksti, 10 Sep 2009Nothing is more dillusional than a SE fanboy telling Motoro... moreYou may be right about SE, but Motorola is in even worst shape! Can´t seem to keep up!

Well, it was nice while it lasted!!

  • Spyros/Cesar.s.c.

ip, 10 Sep 2009Myths and truth behind the screen……………… Mobile lovers vs B... moreYou are totally wrong my friend!!! In 2010, Nokia try to keep the large 40% that have in the market only with the poor Symbian... Samsung has take all the platforms that there are in the market and has AMOLED displays and many hi-tech phones. LG mainly copy the strategy oh Samsung but is a lever lower. Sony Ericcson managed to catch the 5% and now is the 5th biggest manufacturer under the Motorola. Motorola found the Android, the best platform, so with its always good cell phones can now catch the 3rd at least place..

  • nicksti

Nothing is more dillusional than a SE fanboy telling Motorola what to do. SE as a company is so broken right now it is not funny.

I expect the sales figures to read Nokia, Samsung, and the 3rd may possibly be LG if they keep putting out winners like the Cookie, and KS360/Neon.

But to mention SE is laughable and discredits you as a logical, thinking individual.