Sony Xperia M4 Aqua spotted ahead of its official unveiling

27 February, 2015
The waterproof Xperia M4 Aqua is expected to be the Xperia Z4 Tablet's date to the MWC.

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  • Aman

When it is going to be launch in india( sony m4 aqua)...

  • sisay mekonen

english rules read before you post

  • UT

Sony Xperia front Cameras are pulling the product down. Sony image sensors with low mefa pixels are creating fabulous images in the iphone. The trick cud be large size sensors. Do we need Akio Morita to rise from his grave for current Sony Chairman to realize that?

  • Anonymous

oh really?, 28 Feb 2015Now look how the picture quality of 5s it's so yellowish, ... moreYes,,, way to put in check! Lol

  • oh really?

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2015Serious? SONY build iPhone cameras? :D They are really gre... moreNow look how the picture quality of 5s
it's so yellowish, you better go see a doctor
and double check you eyes. troll.

  • AnonD-15268

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2015Sorry but SONY is not known for cheap cells! Top Notch ex... right

  • AnonD-368749

Mmm,I currently own 2 Xperia Z, an Xperia Z1, Z2 and Z Ultra. I like my Z2, though Z Ultra is best for entertainment

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2015I am ( I still am, not was) a Z1 Compact user. Want some pr... moreEven in auto mode z1c makes perfect shots, right gamut, perfect detail and all...
In lowlight shots are not that good in auto, but then again better than most phones out there
And with CAN do wonders in light and lowlight
Photography is my hobby, so I differ much on this claim...

Then again people claiming and trolling sony xperia z series camera is "crap, shit bad, underwhelming" just because they are too lazy to get to know and use manual, do get on my nerve

Dont know what you talking about? How is lumias shot better than z1cs?
Please offer some visuals with explanations for this dicussion...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-276592, 28 Feb 2015The screen looks cheap.Sorry but SONY is not known for cheap cells!
Top Notch excellent quality reliable machines...

  • AnonD-276592

The screen looks cheap.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2015Use manual mode for the camera, and adjust the exposure acc... moreYou don't get my point. I can use manual modes, but I don't want. Most of the time, I use camera in sudden situation. I just pick my phone, and shoot. No time to select scenes, or manual settings.
This is one.
Two: if other phones can make good photos in "auto" mode, it is a basic and legitime demand from Sony, to make good photos in the same situation and settings.

I don't lie, when I say "I love my Z1C", and I think this is simply the best phone (for me) on the market right now. If somebody offered me to chose ANY phone on the market (even Vertu, or another luxury brand) I chose Z1C again. The only disappointment is it's week kamera. Everything else (battery time, speed, display even stability) far more better than I expected.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2015I am ( I still am, not was) a Z1 Compact user. Want some pr... moreUse manual mode for the camera, and adjust the exposure accordingly. Most people now only knew point and shoot, that's kind of disappointing. I even see people using a high-end DSLR camera and set on auto mode. The heck was that! Please learn basics of photography before investing resource in it. Same thru with phone, know what you need and how are going to maximize before buying. If you already have one, try to capitalize on its advantage. In that sense you may have something to brag about rather than complaining on what you cant achieve.

  • Anonymous

Smile, 27 Feb 2015+1 BroI am ( I still am, not was) a Z1 Compact user. Want some proof?

As I said, I reallllllly like Z1C, and I don't want to change. Not even for Z3C. I like Sony. I will not buy any other brand in the near future. I think all in all, Sony Z1C is the BEST phone in the whole market right now (this is the reason I bought it. And I do not regret my decision.)
So I like Sony, more than any other brand, or phone.
But it is an important thing, to face the problems. IMHO Sony now fixed the instability issues, and a lot of problem, what infected Sony in the past. But the crapy camera thing, is a real problem. And I found a serious problem, that there is no small phone in Sony phone palette.
To tell the whole story, I always use the camera in "Automatic" mode, because I will never bother with the manual options.

And about the image quality. My colleague have a Lumia 930. The same 20Mp resolution camera, on the same "Automatic" mode, makes much better images. OIS is a great thing. We compared the pictures of the Z1C and the Lumia 930
As I said, Z1C not much better than my old phone's camera. This is a fact.

I admit it is possible, that in "manual mode" (scenes) , the camera could make better photos, but I will not use manual modes. If a crapy Samsung or a Lumia 930 (wich is one of the worst phones I ever used, thanks to WP) could make a GOOD photo in "Auto" mode, than Z1C should too.
Sony have to do better job with cameras.
Considering this, I don't think, I am a troll. I am just a Sony user, who love Sony phones, but admits it weaknesses.

  • Smile

darkraver, 27 Feb 2015Nope, he is a troll... If he was a z1c user those nonsense... more+1 Bro

  • AnonD-213221

Wow.Nice small bezels...pfff

Smile, 27 Feb 2015this is called a situation which is either **troll spotted*... moreNope, he is a troll...
If he was a z1c user those nonsense comments would not even be in his frame of mind...

It is WMC time so sammy infused money to paid marketing scheme...
They got to earn their moneys worth, after all

  • AnonD-93439

is that an uncovered Micro USB ?

  • Smile

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2015 I have Z1Comapct and I find that it's weakest point is th... morethis is called a situation which is either **troll spotted** or **got a phone but dont know how to use**


  • Smile

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2015I have a Z3 for 4 months now. Believe me, the camera is rub... moreYou need to learn to use the camera dude...

  • Anonymous

Guys please help me to decide this or the upcoming LG G four mini version.
I love sony and i love LG