Samsung unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge at MWC 2015

01 March, 2015
The first Samsung unpacked event for 2015 brought us a duo of flagships - Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

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  • samsungfun

HA559, 01 Mar 2015Samsung is going to be in big trouble, non removable batter... moreTotally agree

  • AnonD-365011

I really loved the opening presentation of S6...

Also S6 does look beautiful in design, of course that includes S6 Edge.

When I heard that they still put 16MP on the phone, I was worried. After seeing some samples, I know Samsung is doinh the rigt thing. Did anyone feel that the pictures taken by S6 actually look way better than any other phones that were equipped wi5 16MP? LOOKS MORE LIKE 24MP.

I think that protruding camera is kind of a disadvantage to S6 in design...hopefully that is not that obvious when holding it in in my hand.

Anyway, still a good high end phone.

  • nemesh73

mazdy, 01 Mar 2015Oh I see you getting nervous this phone would be flawless i... moreignore him he is just a Itroll

  • mazdy

AnonD-185330, 01 Mar 2015The S6 is the ugliest and useless phone on the market !!!!Oh I see you getting nervous this phone would be flawless if it wasn't for the glass back,but then again Samsung want you to buy there case. I will still buy a S6 though and a case. Brad brap

  • AnonD-115068

quad hd display...and 2550mah...octa core the aiming for a 6 hr battery life phone or something...i playing asphalt 8 for 30min.. will probably burn half the battery...

  • Anonymous

Oh my new touchwiz.

  • Yeah

As an Apple user I must say I'm surprised. Im really digging the design, even though it kind of looks like an iphone. They basically got the best from the iphone 6's design and made it their way, kind of better. The edge will steal the spotlight tho. I see no one buying the regular Galaxy 6.

Now the importat part is the OS stabilization. They say they cut Touchwiz which is what causes so much lag and trouble with their useless apps. Lets see how well Lollipop and this new Touchwiz do.

  • AnonD-121494

AnonD-185330, 01 Mar 2015The S6 is the ugliest and useless phone on the market !!!!So you have something in common with a phone then..

  • AnonD-354781

AnonD-266350, 01 Mar 2015u see guys that dude was a liar it does hav a microSD slot It doesn't.

  • AnonD-191847

No Fan Boy...!, 01 Mar 2015No you are wrong...! S6 > M9 QHD AMOLED screen Fast... moreYou are totally wrong!
AMOLED(QHD is actually a con at this screen size)
You can't say anything about camera yet.

Better front camera
Better performance(Because of no Gimmick QHD screen)
Stereo speakers
No horrible camera bump and glass back
Faster/cleaner UI
Alluminum unibody
Better audio output&headphones in the box
Camera megapixels
SD card
Better battery life(larger battery&only FHD screen=better battery for sure)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2015Them iPhone users sure love their antique 8MP cameras that ... morelol 4k vid gonna take looooots of space, a gb for 1min video.

  • AnonD-348333

Or better yet the Nvidia X1

  • Rana G

fully disappointed from Samsung.....going for S5 ...

  • davvy ghotra

what the hell happend to samsung , this is flagship , this wtever!

  • Yeah

Meladyx, 01 Mar 2015Holy crap, thank God there is still Micro SD expansion.They wont

  • gg

Design award 2015. Nuff Said!

  • AnonD-230275

The Only thing which i did not like is the glass panel. yeah i do know its there for the wireless charging, but fingerprints getting printed on the back is really annoying. anyway its beautiful. I wish it would have come with expandable storage. STill I am happy with this device. Well done SAMSUNG!!!

  • AnonD-26812

Samsung did a great job this time, great job Samsung , I'm very impressed by the screen, the camera which has F1.9 and the processors. This is what I was waiting for, a camera with f1.9 and high speed changing and a great screen... Can't wait to touch it and see it

  • Anonymous

Zero Gap design,? I have already seen this design on iphone6 and lumia 925 and htc one m7. What is their innovation in zero gap design? At least bit changes from iphone6? same side speaker grill, headphone jack even those strips...

  • Anonymous

Them iPhone users sure love their antique 8MP cameras that are incapable of taking 4k videos.