Galaxy Note 3 also getting Lollipop OTA in India

05 March, 2015
The Exynos (SM-N900) variant of the handset is getting a Lollipop OTA in India.

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  • Magician

Guys note 3 marshmallow landed in 1 varient now...soon we will get too....its officially approved now

  • ghassanw

Samsung does not respect its customers because it promised to update the Note 3 5.1.1 update did not send began to hate this company

  • AnonD-574556

Really disappointed if there's no update for Note 3, it's now on 5.0, even not to 5.1.1. What r u doing Samsung? This will be my last Samsung phone.

  • r1

f1, 14 Aug 2016no hope !! no update....😥I think so

  • f1

r1, 02 Aug 2016Most of the samsung phone receive updates in august so i think w... moreno hope !! no update....😥

  • AnonD-569828

yup i will also moving to apple the best thing of apple is they give all update to all phone....!!!
plzzz give update

  • vasim

Dear Samsung Team,
Kindly be fare with customers who made you top leading company in the telecom industry. My advice is that when ever your team goes for upgrading OS tell them to not be partial. The best part of Apple Co. is they never do partiality when they upgrade OS they make for all device that they are top ranking. If your team work style will be this you will loose your customer and ultimately you will be of market same like NOKIA. they did same to increase sale number and forget customer expectation.

One friendly advice please learn from your competitor and also try to release upgrade OS for all model as per hardware compatible whether LITE or BETA version.

Thanks & Regards
Vasim shaikh

  • r1

aky, 06 Aug 2016But when they will give ....They are telling the same thing from last month don't know which is true

  • Parth Dholu

aky, 06 Aug 2016But when they will give ....How to update date

  • aky

r1, 08 Jul 2016it will receive marshmallow I had contacted Samsung support toda... moreBut when they will give ....

  • r1

f1, 01 Aug 2016no hope !!!!! i think so....😕Most of the samsung phone receive updates in august so i think we should wait

  • f1

ghanshyam, 30 Jul 2016We want marshmallow if we don't get that why we do that u can't ... moreno hope !!!!! i think so....😕

  • ghanshyam

We want marshmallow if we don't get that why we do that u can't givee us marshmallow.....plzzzz

  • r1

people instead of complaining here please go and complain to Samsung live chat india and Samsung support, let them know what we are suffering from !

  • r1

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2016What do means by Wait Bro... There is no time frame and also the... moreGo contact samsung support they said it will be avaliable shortly for note 3 models

  • Magic

This is my last samsung phone i guess.i will switch to apple,atleast they provide good software updates to every model time to time also their hardware is doesnt care abt bye-bye samsung.i started flashing roms in my note 3 n900.even if they pushed marshmallow update to note 3 its confirm they wont give android N.and marshmallow in note 4 is hell horrible in terms of looks.its totally differnt compared to note 5 marshmallow.i think samsung want to make us think that our phones are outdated and should buy new samsung phone....sorry i wont buy another samsung.shame samsung/android.....not able to push their latest update in devices (only 8 to 12% share)

  • f1

may b update not coming.....j5 j3 also gettng note 3 is outdated i think...cmpny will not give update for this phn....

  • Anonymous

Laks of questions when will come Samsung galaxy note 3 update mash mellow

  • Anonymous

What do means by Wait Bro... There is no time frame and also they have not given the clear picture.

  • r1

AnonD-553761, 10 Jul 2016when it comming marshmallow updateWait bro thats all i can say !