Motorola Moto Turbo launched in India for $669

09 March, 2015
Moto Turbo is the same Moto Maxx for global markets and listed exclusively at Flipkart.

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  • Anonymous

Happy with oneplus one.

  • AnonD-319914

mokam, 09 Mar 2015motorola should redeem their price and make it below 30k if they... moreIf you can't afford high end phones no need to bitch about the company. Phones with similar specs include nexus 6 and note 4 both of which are more expensive. Moto x is already cheaper than most and 31k and is an amazing phone. This phone is an absolute beast and worth every rupee. 42k is an ideal price

  • AnonD-65736

Still no love for France (or Europe in general). I guess it is final now.
Why bypass a key market with obviously more chance for massive support when you know your product is worth it?
What have we done to you, Moto?

  • AnonD-313800

AnonD-259679, 09 Mar 2015lol, not only 100$ , it's 100$ plus taxes :P , that will make it... moreWell, if anyone willing to spend 669$, then they are definitely in the field for a flagship model. So they wouldn't mind spending 50$ more(on taxes) to get a more latest spec. I mean SD805 is so 2014 and when you can get Exynos 14 nm for 50$ more, i dont see why anyone would buy this. This could have been a game changer if it was released in India at the time of US launch. This is just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

price is not high but is competitive in its segment
s5, one m8 all were launched with much higher price in the market with less specs, features such as qhd screen, cam, battery, etc. But MOTO TURBO's highly updated specs as such price is very good. And after some time the price will also reduce.... NOT to mention s5, z3, one m8 are still priced at or above INR 35,000. (They launched with a price of Rs. 50,000)

So no it is not a bad pricing at all and people who can buy phones in this segment (Trust me there are a lot) have another option to consider.

I myself have an Xperia Z3...great phone it is...brought it for Rs. 40,000.

  • musti

it should be around 550$. then it will be a good buy & same goes for motorola nexu6

  • AnonD-292929

Undoubtedly the Best fone in the World today however 30K should be the Selling price in India or else Bye Bye Motorola Turbo.

  • AnonD-259679

This phone is going to rock the Indian market, Droid series did it again,
it's probably the cheapest flagship among all major brands.

4000 mah , 1440 P, 565ppi , 21mp , turbo charge, 2.7 ghz with 3gb ram and 64gb internal at 42,000 rs.
it's totally worthy, no other reputated brand offers at this price tag.

look is average ,
baring that it the actual beast .
Motorola should launch it in mature markets as well where demand for high ends is more.

  • Hems..

It will be the flop show by moto......

  • mokam

motorola should redeem their price and make it below 30k if they want to compete the market otherwise people will throw them back to europe.

  • AnonD-259679

AnonD-313800, 09 Mar 2015Too late for the party. For 100 dollars more, you can get a S6 i... morelol, not only 100$ , it's 100$ plus taxes :P , that will make it to around 150-200$ more than that of turbo's 669 $ inclusive of all taxes

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  • AnonD-279460

xxxxxx, 09 Mar 2015high price for indian market Nope,the pricing is just slightly more than US
Only 20$ difference.

  • Anonymous

good feature all in one

  • xxxxxx

high price for indian market

  • vikrant82 that pricing. People will go for Huawei, Xiaomi etc instead of this. Those who want to go premium, will look at Samsung, HTC etc.

  • AnonD-313800

Too late for the party. For 100 dollars more, you can get a S6 in next month.