VAIO smartphone to come to Europe as well

10 March, 2015
The company's entry into the smartphone market will be unveiled on March 12, packs midrange specs.

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  • Osiris

arun, 03 May 2015Already they have failed in their laptop models.. and now they a... moreYou failed loser, the best laptops on the market

  • arun

Already they have failed in their laptop models.. and now they are planning to fail in mobiles market also

  • subhayan

i have a query,,,pls ans me....
what is the launching date of vaio smartphone in india????


Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015No, sony sell Vaio in early 2014 to JIPwhats jip?

  • Anonymous

vaio jip first smartphone made by panasonic base on panasonic eluga u2

  • Anonymous

SOCPAC, 11 Mar 2015isn't vaio part of sony?No, sony sell Vaio in early 2014 to JIP

  • izat

i think vaio focus for windows.., but it also equip with android os..,

  • AnonD-360112

Smart phone 1st from Vaio. I hope quality mobile phone same computer before. I also wish mobile phone vaio continuous development more about design..


isn't vaio part of sony?


Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015This time I hope it won't come to USA, you don't deserve it.How evil hahahah 3:D

  • AnonD-373608

As you can read the article states the image is a photoshop of then z3 simce no images of the phone are in the wild at the moment.

Check the back camera you can see that is a Sony phone with photoshop look for the G 1/2.3 20.7MP you can see that it's a Sony Xperia Z1 GSMA with false news.

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015I suspect a windows phone hereYes, makes sense!
Xperia for Android, Vaio for Windows.

  • Anonymous

£ 200 ?

  • Anonymous

I suspect a windows phone here

  • AnonD-63308

Thank God it will be anything but different. Thank you for being just like Sony and everyone else. We REALLY need more 5" phones in the market. Because making choices available for smaller phones is bad.

  • Anonym

foAd, 10 Mar 2015copy xperia z1 How so? They only released the specs, the image is clearly stated to be an "interpretation" based on the current Xperia Z line.

Akinaro, 10 Mar 2015maybe im not gonna buy it, but I cant wait to see how much it go... moreI think they will sell all of their smart phones at a very low price. Only by doing this they could make a huge impact in the smart phone world.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2015Please come to USA in 2015!!!This time I hope it won't come to USA, you don't deserve it.

  • Swt

Vaio should windows and Xperia should run android.