VAIO smartphone to come to Europe as well

10 March, 2015
The company's entry into the smartphone market will be unveiled on March 12, packs midrange specs.

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  • foAd

copy xperia z1

  • lol

why not using latest snapdragon 415? bye bye xperia welcome VAIO

  • Anonymous

Please come to USA in 2015!!!

  • AnonD-244086

cheaper xperia z1

If you'll take a look at the images with the alleged vaio box and do a little photoshop job, you'll soon end up with a very nice result: the casing that is supposed to support the device is nowhere near 5 inch in diagonal. Check out the sheet of paper and measure the length of the box, then the width of the box in relation to the sheet of paper and to its lenght based on the fact that there are the same 4 paragraphs in both images. Be it A4 or imperial (as customary in Japan), the final casing is definitely larger than 5 inch. I believe it's about 5.7-5.9 inches in diagonal.


  • Anonymous

Gsma, stop creating false hoax, Sony is not leaving mobile business anytime soon or at all. Didn't you guys, the so-called-tech-media listen to the comments at mwc made by Kaz and Sony mobile vp that mobile is important for Sony and they are not abandoning it.

maybe im not gonna buy it, but I cant wait to see how much it gonna copy from xperia... You need to show something really new and good looking if you want to sell something... or set really low price to sell more...

  • AnonD-170479

The name suggests its going to be Windows

  • golenblls

Intriguing! I'm most interested to see what this looks like.