Exclusive: Rugged Samsung B550 Xcover 3 leaks

13 March, 2015
We got a photo and specs of the upcoming rugged featurephone dubbed the B550 Xcover 3.

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  • gurryb

Antutu,geekbench 3,nenamark,basemark,3d mark.SCORES PLS

  • Amir96

I could still find a new Nokia 3310 at a cheaper price than this phone.

  • Anonymous

I think it's decent price for rugged (IP67) phone. It will be good replacement for Samsung B2710 (Xcover 271).

Good I will buy it, if its not to much of a brick thickness wise

  • AdamBoy64

AnonD-374508, 13 Mar 2015Compare to previous xcover: + display size + battery - thicknessFor a toughphone, I'd want it to be as thick as possible.

  • AnonD-315435

nic, 13 Mar 2015good to go for nokia 515.Yes for rugged feature phones no one beats Nokia.
I wish if Nokia reenters this field it should produce phones like Nokia 1100. I miss my moon light and flash light Nokia 1100 alot. It's water proof too. :)

  • kidto

I hope dual sim because i will definitely get one!

  • kmb877

99 EUR?! Way to expensive! But, for $50 I'll buy one for my mum. She'll love such an oldtimer!

  • nic

good to go for nokia 515.

  • AnonD-236748

You mean two for 99 Euros, right?

  • Anonymous

ithehappy, 13 Mar 2015Another day = Another Troll ROFLLOL, right. I always see this objective guy saying that word.

  • AKS

WILL Samsung release it...

  • AnonD-374508

Compare to previous xcover:
+ display size
+ battery
- thickness

  • masi

so gud

AnonD-354090, 13 Mar 2015Another day=another SamsungAnother day = Another Troll


  • Anonymous

Looks good. I will buy one as my tertiary device. :)

  • AnonD-354090

Another day=another Samsung

  • AnonD-354090

Another day=another Samsung

Shamsung, 13 Mar 2015LOL...who will buy this foneI don't know, human beings? Do you know what those are?

This reminds me of Samsung Marine.

I will get one, when the price will fall to something like 50 bucks.