Exclusive: Rugged Samsung B550 Xcover 3 leaks

13 March, 2015
We got a photo and specs of the upcoming rugged featurephone dubbed the B550 Xcover 3.

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  • AdamBoy64

AnonD-357048, 13 Mar 2015I'll buy this for my father who, after retirement now works in h... moreYes, I'd love to see a toughphone from Microsoft.

  • AdamBoy64

Shamsung, 13 Mar 2015LOL...who will buy this fonePlenty of people who need a reliable phone, with great durability and battery life.

  • AnonD-303880

If true, I will buy this phone as my secondary phone for main business calls.

  • Shamsung

LOL...who will buy this fone

  • AnonD-357048

I'll buy this for my father who, after retirement now works in his farm and has already ruined two phones after dropping them in mud and water. This is perfect for him.
And I think Microsoft should also release rugged devices.

  • AnonD-11164

I would buy this as a secondary phone. Had an old Samsung B2100 and was very robust, I had to run it over with a minivan to kill it. And it still worked, except for the broken display. Also had a nice flashlight and spectacular battery life compared to modern smartphones. Very good for prolonged outdoor activities. Would be nice if I could sync it with my google contacts, though.

  • Alee

Price is too high should be around 50$ .