Microsoft Lumia 430 is now official, costs just $70

19 March, 2015
The new dual SIM, entry-level device will most likely hit big in emerging markets.

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  • AnonD-597045

I want to sincerely thank Microsoft for using their head for once and bringing out a CellPhone which is really cheap and smart at the same time. I have been waiting for this config for years now. I don't need a PC in my pocket rather a gently smart CELLphone which will let me know that I have to answer a emails and chat all day long with important contacts via Skype, twitter, FB etc. No surfing is required in my tiny little cellphone..there are big machines for that purpose. So, I thank again. Thank you and now I can go and buy something without worrying. I believe it will have a huge sale in Bangladesh among the mainstream people.

  • muhammad shoaib

nice microsoft

  • AnonD-370355

vivan, 20 Mar 2015Shame on guys 2mp camera.Kids also refuse to use this phone... moreyou are ri8 buddy.....its camera like an old toy and childrens will also refuse it... ;-)

  • AnonD-370355

its really an ultra affordable smartphone........but what's the fu*k. it has only 2 mp camera.

  • Hassan

Android - Linux based (open source) is the most powerful mobile os available in the world till date.
Windows - It is not an open source, but still a decent mobile os.
Both has its own advantages and limitations. Based on your need select your os.
But I recommend buying Lumia 430 instead of buying cheap quality android mobiles of the same price.

  • AnonD-314301

In This Budget, You Can Only Get 2MP Camera
If you want a Beast of a Camera...Then Ignore This and Buy Lumia 1020...IF You Can Afford it!!

  • Bikku

These guys have to open up their appstore more public friendly like steam does. And when considering affordable and budget friendly for India, dont dump low quality phones as the only ones affordable for India. You guys can take notes from Chinese products who are providing qualitative services. Minimum spec for camera is 5mp or by Nokia's earlier standards 3.15mp with flash, Without coupling it with a good secondary camera, you guys are like two days old dead fish in a fresh market. Add siri alternative to your phones, maybe call it "mini" - an Indian name:), with functionality to read text and so on. Pricing is right but could work on certain things.

  • D.R. ANAND

What a joke by Microsoft Lumia to make Lumia 430 with 2 mega pixels camera. It is mobile of 2015 not a baby toy. अब कोई बेवकूफ नहिबच रह गया है।

  • vivan

Shame on guys 2mp camera.Kids also refuse to use this phone...............

  • LamiaLove

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2015its good to see that microsoft is letting us to have a smar... moreThey won't.

  • Nick

It is 2015....and you put a 2MB camera on a windows phone. Facepalm..if it was 2008 yeah ok but I guess Microsoft is going cheap & accesible, + mass production.

  • Hemu

Now as prices fell down............more & more people will be able to use technology............this is science

  • Anonymous

zesiddiq, 20 Mar 2015Dude this is a 70$ handset..its not meant to beat s3 or s3 ... moreProbably faster than S3 in responsiveness, scrolling, and stability due to Windows Phone OS optimized specifically for Snapdragon chips.

  • zesiddiq

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2015This is seriously no where close to s3 or s3 neo...Dude this is a 70$ handset..its not meant to beat s3 or s3 neo! Duhh !!Did you take your meds today?

  • Nayer

Go with window and change your performance is best all of operating system.

  • Jon

Everything is ok, but why microsoft do not provide rear camara flash? It has a lot of bad effect of it's market

  • Anonymous

roger the builder :), 19 Mar 2015was that suppose to be a joke?? what phone do you currently... moreThis is seriously no where close to s3 or s3 neo...

  • AnonD-131407

Microsoft is trying to get hold of the low-end market. it's a good move because that is what sells in poor countries, but at least give us some high-end / high-med devices. for how long will it be just phones from 2011 ?

  • AnonD-315435

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2015its good to see that microsoft is letting us to have a smar... moreTrue. Now I am afraid that microsoft may release even more cheap phone.
For example Lumia 3** series for ₹3000- 3999.
Lumia 2** series for ₹ 2500-3000.
If Microsoft do this then I consider to buy 4 device for all of my family members. ( am happy with voip calls no need of video calls.

  • AnonD-171976

just add 10$ i'd rather buy apple's usb port