Google rumored of working with LG for next Nexus smartphone

20 March, 2015
Google engineers visited LG's R&D facility, and units for display, wireless charging, and OIS camera.

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  • Anonymous

I want lg google nexus 5x has dual sim and expendable storage............. & all features as it is........

  • nagesh

go with motorola again... moto nexus 7... with screen nt like fablet and which can challenge iphone...

  • nexusguy

I would like the next nexus to be the same size screen just with a flat back instead of curved

  • AnonD-389287

dout, 20 Mar 20157" Nexus 7 plzIf you want a 7in nexus get the already made nexus 7

  • AnonD-388304

I'm still rockin my nexus 4. I didn't want a phablet, or the price tag of the nexus 6. I really would like something like the new Sony Xperia Z4 that was just released. HTC would be nice too. Or LG.

  • Hky_1

I would recommend a next Google phone with better battery life, powerful camera front and back with the Google complete photo/Video editing software and a built up antivirus from Google so we idon't have to use a third party antivirus, and a better power saving software, because the problem with Google phone is that when the power level is 50 to 60% if you don't charge it you gona loose all your power so eventually your battery is 100%down!!'!!!!!!

  • AnonD-384376

I got a Nexus 5 from US on the day of the launch and it has served me very well and still does after 1.5 years of aging..... I still feel this is the best phone on Market.... Google, if u are going to release a new one.... one suggestion would be to have the camera in the top center on the phone and not skewed to the corner...... Thanx.... Waiting for the upgrade to the Nexus 5...

  • Uzi

I've a nexus 5, the best android phone I've ever used, event my iPhone 6. Further more I'll waiting next nexus from LG mobile.Ltd .. Well done

  • Anonymous

I've nexus 5, the phone I've ever used, better than my iPhone 6..

  • satyam

Good. Very good,u should made new nexus. Device with lg

AnonD-278667, 20 Mar 2015LG is the best..even than is only popular... moreOh please. No other maker has more useless screens when it comes to outdoor performance. LG's phones are completely useless outside unless you are locked in a box 24/7 then LG might be useful.

Smile, 20 Mar 2015Go get an Iphone 6/6+ pleaseI couldn't agree more with you.

  • Anonymous

Ricky, 20 Mar 2015It's just NOT working google... 90% of the features of l... moreHaha. First I will say you never used a Android device and just a random troll BS here. And your explanation for the 'Open Source' is laughable as well as idiotic. Proprietary software like your ios and windows are more vulnerable than Android. And Wikipedia has a great arrive about oss :

Read it for your own good and don't speak about those that you have no knowledge. And yeah someone also posted a link about oss. Have a look at it too.

  • Moonkeeper

Since this conversation has gone in an open source vs. proprietary discussion, perhaps an article by an expert should be weighed.

What makes open-source "dangerous" is the amount of room it leaves for *user* error.

  • Anonymous

sony is best for next NEXUS

  • Smile

AnonD-342300, 20 Mar 2015LG would be best to make Nexus devices. I have the Z3C and ... moreGo get an Iphone 6/6+ please

  • AnonD-376211

Hmm LG again.. Honestly i think they should stick with Motorola and make a phablet Nexus and a more pocketable Nexus. 2 new devices, kind of like Apple did, i believe they would both sell very well. If only Google partnered up with HTC again we could see a unibody, front facing speaker, Lollipop running beast.. Only in my wildest dreams though...

  • Anonymous

Ricky, 20 Mar 2015It's just NOT working google... 90% of the features of l... moreI laugh at your logic stated about open source. I recommened you son, before making a claim, its best to provide citation. As you didn't you just trolling here and nothing else. Have a good day!

  • Angry Mobile Nerd...

Ayush01, 20 Mar 20156 GB RAM?Are you gonna play COD Ghosts on your smartphone??Yes. We need 6 GB RAM, because its supposed to be the best flagship. I might add a waterproof body and usb c connector too.

  • fonehunter

Lol at people complaining about samsung devices and think they know all android phones. Everybody knows touchwiz is heavy, resources hog. Apps and settings are mostly not implemented that well compared to other manufacturer, esp on nexus devices.