Purported Oppo Find 9 images reveal dual camera

05 April, 2015
The successor of Oppo Find 7 is expected to make its debut at some point in the near future.

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  • siri

Oppo is seriously planning big with those dual cameras....dont make us wait oppo-waiting for find 9 To release

  • Anonymous

its cam is very poor.

  • AndrewPaul

I have an Oppo Find &a with Nameless 5.1.1 - Awesome Built quality.. Had an Oppo find 5 before but development has stopped.. Hopefully Oppo Find 9 will have the same or better quality..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-388553, 20 Apr 2015My prediction 5gb ram Qhd Fingerprint Brand new camera serie... moreToo much


when is the realease date?

  • Felipe

I have an Oppo Find 7 and I bought a Galaxy Note 4. Now I am selling the Note 4 because the find 7 is a much better phone even if it does not have the latest Android version. I will buy for sure the Oppo find 9! Great phone!!!

  • AnonD-388553

My prediction
5gb ram
Brand new camera series
128b processor
Double speed than vooc charging
I wish that gonna be

  • rafeek nilambur

Internal memmore..? External memmore..?

  • don't worry

And that's what I'm talking about the adreno 430. Samsung screwed up putting on a 2k display on a 5 inch phone no need for it if they went with a 1080p then their GPU would gain more fps in games

  • D

don't worry, 05 Apr 2015That's subjective, wait 100 years for transparent 512bit phones.... moreLol ok

  • Anonymous

AnonD-233430, 05 Apr 2015I believe 3d pictures and videos are in order.Unfortunately that is impossible due to the cameras' posotion. If you want 3D pictures they should preferably be at the end points of the phone. That close to each other no noticeable 3D effect will be visible, not even on Macros.

  • Larry

I loved the Oppo Find 7 there are a few things I wish Oppo would do for the Find 9. Keep MicroSD, front-facing speakers, 64 bit processor, waterproof, 64GB internal storage option just to name a few. I know, I know probably too much to ask for.

dont worry, 05 Apr 2015people think the 810 SoC is no different than a 801/805 but infa... moreOverall, the SD 810 SoC isn't as beastly as you make it out to be, as shown by the LG G Flex2 and HTC One (M9) here. They're only better on two onscreen tests.

"The Mali-T760MP8 (eight-core) is slightly faster in general than the Adreno 430 found in the curved LG phone and even the beefy PowerVR GX6450 in the Apple iPhone 6."

Encoded Location (rM3S)
Often imitated but never duplicated!

  • Anonymous

Oh look the new One+ Two!!

  • Anonymous

The next OnePlus Two :)

  • M


  • AnonD-129208

why dual cameras insted of dual front speakers why?

  • Katflakes

TBH, these more likely look like those concept "renders" which are made by some people once in a while.
Like, one of those cheap renders. :/ IDK, though.
I wouldn't call it the real deal.

  • AnonD-333978

Sam, 05 Apr 2015I think they are concept images I don't see why oppo would use t... moreWell they are concept renders.
Those aren't the stock nexus 5 wallpaper. Look closer. Looks similar, but not the same.
Looks hot though.

  • don't worry

D, 05 Apr 2015That might be true but it all depends on the software optimised ... moreThat's subjective, wait 100 years for transparent 512bit phones...beast