Purported Oppo Find 9 images reveal dual camera

05 April, 2015
The successor of Oppo Find 7 is expected to make its debut at some point in the near future.

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  • Anonymous

nic pic

  • Michael247

This is really a nice phone

  • D

dont worry, 05 Apr 2015people think the 810 SoC is no different than a 801/805 but... moreThat might be true but it all depends on the software optimised to the hardware in question.

Besides to the normal eye, there is not much difference. Wait for next year when 64bit processors and Quad HD displays are the norm, then they be worth to be called "beast"

  • Van Plastik Limited

This should be renamed by "OnePlus 2"

  • AnonD-233430

I believe 3d pictures and videos are in order.

They need to promote it a global launch rather than launching first in China then others.

  • Sam

I think they are concept images I don't see why oppo would use the nexus 5 wallpaper. I Am however looking forward to the Find 9 and I hope it gets announced very soon.

  • dont worry

people think the 810 SoC is no different than a 801/805 but infact the adreno 430 has 388 GPU GFLOPS where as the 801 has 166, Ipad Air 2 has 277 and the one in samsung s6 has 190.

The 810 graphics are a total fucking beast

  • AnonD-116789

Seeeeeems really fake, from the proximity of the 2 camera lens

  • AnonD-286474

What are the benefits of "dual camera"?

  • Evin

Well, it's oppo, the company wih crazy innovative ideas with their smartphone, no boring design

Oppo needs to find the Find 9 a better SoC, instead of that overheating, throttling, unimpressive offering known as the SD 810.

Encoded Location (rM3S)
Often imitated but never duplicated!

  • Anonymous

Worthless images.

  • Anonymous

that back is UGLY!! holy crap

  • Anonymous

This calls for a Camera review and shootout!