Nokia suing Apple over the infringment of a dozen of patents

22 October, 2009
Nokia have obviously had some grudges with Apple ever since the iPhone was introduced in 2007 and now they're even going to court. The reason - well, Apple have used some of Nokia's GSM, UMTS and...

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  • Anonymous

now everybody know who is apple hehehe very very bad reputation company. very pathetic apple sell overprice phone have much income profit but can't pay licence to Nokia. this will be good headlines news hehehe.

  • Dee

There have been many comments saying that Nokia is jealous of Apples success with the iphone, who wouldnt be with that amount of sales?

Regardless this does not give apple the right to rip off Nokias patents without paying loyalties, PAY UP APPLE, you's arent Robin Hood coz you steal from everyone and give to yourselves lol
No wonder your profits are so high, use other peoples technology and charge far too much for your product! lol

  • thx.

m3, 23 Oct 200940 other companies are already paying for the use of these paten... morethanks 'm3' for clearing that up . . . apparently some commentors do not understand that simple point . . .

  • Weak Iphone fan bois

Nokia is not suing apple bcuz there jealous of their sales. There suing them for a reason. Using patent technology.

So pay up Apple!!

Iphone are not the first mobile innovators as they claimed!!

Pathetic.. Nokia Rules

  • Anonymous

Apple is good at ripping peoples off and stealing their income. the actual manufacture price of the iphone cost 100$ and they sell it for more than 700$ unlocked. i have never bough an apple product and never will

  • Anonymous

apple really suck

sales iphone at a high price(unlocked)

and unwilling to pay license

  • m3

40 other companies are already paying for the use of these patents, includung all the major manufacturers (Samsung,LG,SE,Motorola,HTC,RIMM,Huawei,ZTE). Nokia also pays these companies when they are using their technologies (mainly Samsung, SE and Motorola). Apple has very little to offer others which means it has to pay in full without the chance of cross-licencing its own technology to others. If Apple would make a CDMA phone it would have to pay mainly Qualcomm for the use of those patents beause Qualcomm is the biggest patentholder in that technology. Actually they would have to pay Qualcomm much more than they now will have to pay Nokia for each handset they make using Nokia's patents. Patents are important to ensure enough R&D is made, otherwise it wouldbe pointless to spend money developing new things if it would be free to steal it.

  • blackshirt_30

apple really sux

  • Victor

The 10 patents that Nokia is suing apple for:

Five of the patents relate to wireless data:

5802465 - Data transmission in a radio telephone network
6359904 - Data transfer in a mobile telephone network
6694135 - Measurement report transmission in a telecommunications system
6775548 - Access channel for reduced access delay in a telecommunications system
7092672 - Reporting cell measurement results in a cellular communication system

Two of the patents relate to speech coding:

5862178 - Method and apparatus for speech transmission in a mobile communications system
5946651 - Speech synthesizer employing post-processing for enhancing the quality of the synthesized speech

Three of the patents relate to security and encryption. The first two relate to UMTS, while the last relates to UMTS and GSM:

6882727 - Method of ciphering data transmission in a radio system
7009940 - Integrity check in a communication system
7403621 - System for ensuring encrypted communication after handover

  • Anonymous

Nokia just is jealous of Apple Sales & Profit. Imagine 1 iphone model against the world biggest cellphone makers.

BTW I dont own an iphone. I have an E51 Nokia

  • bob

good one nokia, sue them for every penny you can, hopefully enough to force the idiotphone company out of business. i mean it was never an original device in any way, just an apple playing catch up same as they did with mp3 player which is one of the worst for sound quality. better to be rid of them completely i think, or they will just keep infringing other companies as they belive that because they're not ms they can get away with it.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The iPhone isn't a camera phone it's a smartphone, like the E71 (3.2 megapixel), E75 3.2, E63 2, HTC Magic 3, BB Bold 2, BB Storm 3 etc.

So why is it alright for these phones to have the same or lower camera's?

The iPhone 3GS has VGA video recording @ 30fps, this matches all Nokia phone's currently on the market, has the N900 been released yet or is it another delayed release?

  • Anonymous

wow apple sell overprice phone but can't pay licence to Nokia

  • Anonymous

deep space bar, 23 Oct 2009remember court takes very long depending on the situationIt's like a poker game.

Nokia and Apple have been in negotiations over these patents for over a year, Apple doesn't agree with the price Nokia wants.

Nokia decided to force the issue with a court case.

Apple is holding, waiting to call.

The courts will decide if Nokia is bluffing or holding a strong hand.

Apple might fold before the case reaches court.

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2009it's fair enough of nokia to sue if apple generally have done so... moreremember court takes very long depending on the situation

  • Anonymous

Questions like these are in highly specialized and technical areas of law and are way beyond the comments that have been posted here.

The big winners out of this will be the lawyers who will be set for a long trial if the case ever reaches court.

Until then under the presumption of innocence Apple hasn't stolen anything off Nokia or used any of their technology, that's for a court to decide.

  • Anonymous

Go nokia! Very interesting news and make me very happy!!!

Nokia can win this lawsuit easily!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You're excited with the next iphone capabilities? Duh. Boring.

  • Anonymous

Maybe they will rely on prior art, were the Nokia patents granted on an obvious technology at the time the patents were granted?

Apple is a computer company their laptops and PC's have wifi, they make the Airport Express, the iPod touch has WiFi, when Apple adopted OSX as the operating system for the iPhone what makes Nokia's claims about WiFi different to what Apple had already done in their other products?

Which chips are Apple using for the iPhone?

Qualcomm is one of the largest companies in the mobile industry but they don't make phones, Nokia lost in court when they stole Qualcomm's technology so they had to develop their own which no doubt is where these patents come from.

  • Nokia^knees^Apple

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2009No-one here is a patent lawyer, the patents haven't even been li... moreu know what,apple should pay more than what the other companies are paying.thats what u get for cheating.all the other companies followed the rules,why couldnt apple have done the same?cause they are stupid and dumb as a bucket of fluff.