N-Gage is dead, long live the Ovi Store - full of Symbian games

31 October, 2009
Nokia plans to shut down the N-Gage platform. It's all going down in September 2010 but the publishing of new games has stopped as we speak. The gaming on Nokia phones will continue evolving under...

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  • Anonymous

there is an NCage store? a lot of people domt know that maybe that's the reason it failed? :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2009i wont buy a extra device just to play like the sony PSP, becaus... moreyea but in the process you get striped of your dignity and ripped off.

alot to give up

just get a decent cell and psp

these days it affordable.

and i'm not talking about the contract crap, in my country we don have contracts, all you do is get the sim from the operator and you buy the cell from the mobile market

which is the reason iphone never came to saudi arabia, not the original and not even 3g cause iSteve could't rip the operators off to subsidize their phone

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Maemo games, no doubt they will be great as Linux is obviously the PC gamers platform of choice...

...er, not.

  • Anonymous

off course iphone have good game because iphone os is based on mac os LoL iphone use desktop & notebook os

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2009yea i agree the iphone 3GS and 3rd gen ipod touch's are great mo... morei wont buy a extra device just to play like the sony PSP, because i want only one all-in-one device so the iphone 3GS got everything that i need! Gaming, internet, GPS, apps, mp3 player and many more!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2009Nothing touches the PSP except the iPhone, iPod Touch which have... moreyea i agree the iphone 3GS and 3rd gen ipod touch's are great mobile gaming platforms

but the PSP cost half as much as a iphone and you can play games freely by hacks even though its no legal but its still the best option

and now sony says its gonna put all the umds on PSN so you can download on the go

the iphone and ipod touch games do look great and are really fun but PSP games are much more mature, anyone whos played them can tell

but the ipod touch and iphone are surely gonna catch up to the PSP games in the future, and not to far off

  • Anonymous

My understanding is:

- True serious gamers wouldn't settle anything less than PSP.

- Leisure gamers are probably happy with NDS, iphone, or even JAVA games

- The almighty brand already tried the N-gage twice, they all failed. Then came the Come-with-music package, which somewhat fails. How about the OVI store? Doesn't look too bright either.

Seems like the almighty brand is losing the high-end segment battle in big time with competitors like Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc...

  • Anonymous

iPhone 3GS and new ipod touch with the sgx powervr graphics are the future of mobile gaming. At the moment the iPhone 3GS packs as much power as an original xbox according to game developers. And the AppStore with now close to 100,000 apps, there's no match. Sorry but Ovi store is a joke, developers have to modify each project for different screen resolutions and controls, plus no nokia has a dedicated graphics chip. And android marketplace has the potential but current android phones don't pack the graphics power the 3GS has, so developers are not gonna make any graphic intensive games at the moment.
Only 3 players. iPhone/iPod touch, PSP and Nintendo DS

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2009its doesn't need to be a phone, its a mobile gaming system and t... moreNothing touches the PSP except the iPhone, iPod Touch which have over 21,000 games to choose from and all readily available directly to the device.

The PSP has around 700 games.

N-Gage who cares, Nokia don't.

  • Anonymous

The OneŽ, 01 Nov 2009dude, psp is not a phone..am i rite? So its out of context in th... moreits doesn't need to be a phone, its a mobile gaming system and the best there is.

Its not hard at all to carry round a psp even if you don bring your backpack the psp fits in your pocket easily and sometimes you forget its even there, N-gage 2 was fun to play but the games where basic as hell.. and when you talk about a "serious platform" its got nothing.

all i'm saying is that if you really want mobile gaming, than the difference between a N-gage 2 game and PSP is worlds apart even if you have to bring along a phone separate nothing touches the PSP.

ngage really was useless

  • Anonymous

it is because of the graphic

almost all of the n-gage games having bad graphic :(
the games is OK , just the graphic is very worst...

but nvm... N900 coming with stunning graphic games, the bounce is the one

  • The OneŽ

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2009dude i've had ngage on my n95 8gb, N78 and N85 trust me its... moredude, psp is not a phone..am i rite? So its out of context in the first place. As far as winmo is concerned, i have had two htc winmo devices in the past, their games are just decent, better than java but doesn't stand a chance against symbian or ngage games. As far as iphone is concerned, their games maybe innovative but playing on touchscreen is far from convenient and enjoyable than playing with buttons..thats my point..and its also your choice. You can favour your personal likes and criticize others. But ngage games are the best in the business atleast on a mobile phone. And i guess majority of ngage gamers will agree..peace..

  • Anonymous

man they will provide a similar plateform on ovi...they just want to make a single area for their users...as now they have ovi and ngage they...they want their users to come on ovi so that it grows up cuz ngage community is huge...and what happens when that huge community comes to ovi...they sell their ovi products as well...man grow up you guys

  • cristige

R.I.P n-gage:(

  • Anonymous

ah... i'm was a supporter of n-gage when i got thier first ngage phone, until today actually still hope nk to release a good game phone.. toobad they have call it off.. will miss ngage..

  • farhaan tariq

nokia failed to produce a good gaming device...no matter games were good but there was no device from nokia that looked like something dsi or psp type.......i m shocked that such a huge company is sutting it down instead of fighting back....well if this is it...than RIP n-gage.

  • Anonymous

used to be number 1 in..

screen (quality, res, size)
smart phone os
megapixel (not that it really matters after 5)
specs (all in ones)

what has nokia lately done that changed phones...

forget nokia like it forgot us

  • someone

its all because of samsung.....
why samsung i hate u

  • someone

ngage was great and attracted most of the people......welll i hope they will come up with something better like xgage

  • josh

why are they doing this for? we all liked ngage and there games have got really good graphics for an mobile phone,

I cant understand why they are ditssing it oh dear...