N-Gage is dead, long live the Ovi Store - full of Symbian games

31 October, 2009
Nokia plans to shut down the N-Gage platform. It's all going down in September 2010 but the publishing of new games has stopped as we speak. The gaming on Nokia phones will continue evolving under...

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  • Anonymous

The OneŽ, 01 Nov 2009Ngage 2.0 games are the best games i have played till date on a ... moredude i've had ngage on my n95 8gb, N78 and N85

trust me its nothing compared to other mobile platfroms, even some winmo games surpress it and iphone games are better

if you haven tried all the other mobile platforms than you're in no place to tell other to shut their month

and we're not even talking about PSP which is what you get if you really wanna make use of the time traveling on trains and busses and stuff.

mobile games are just random time passes not serious gaming

  • Anonymous

yea i guess we all agree now, Nokia is useless, most of the diehard fans just don't care anymore and have moved on

but now its going even further towards hatred, like that one guy said 'martinkem' Nokia continue to shoot themselves in the foot and their complete lack of using the fact that they are the number 1 phone manufacture

screw nokia anyway

  • Anonymous

lol double kill for ngage lol poor nokia.. to much talk without action from nokia. hope Symbian Foundation can make good universal gaming platform on Symbian Open Source.

  • Anonymous

finally ditching the brand.. it failed so hard. No idea why they didn't go for a whole new brand when bringing back the gaming division.

  • shehroz

too bad for n gage, but the two n gage phones were not too bad, hope they build new ones for kids spirit of games, n gage is somehow better than [game boy advance] but better than [p.s.p]

  • The OneŽ

Ngage 2.0 games are the best games i have played till date on a mobile phone. I have all the titles released till date all cracked. They are around 37 titles. All of them are high end 3D games. Now enjoying it on my nokia n79. It was a great concept. It was just like a mobile gaming console.
And those of you who havn't even played a single title of ngage2.0 or havnt seen it even,, for God's sake just shut your filthy mouths and go get a life..
The java games offered by other manufacturers are nowhere near even symbian games in the first place, which are so advanced than kiddish java titles, they should forget abt catching up with ngage2.0 platform for another 10 years.

  • Dante

Nokia is really mean 1st they stopped da n-gage phones n now da famous n-gage games store!!! Soo bad of u:@

  • Anonymous

me, 01 Nov 2009If you cant beat them, join them. simple. i know this day will c... more-since the day the stupid phone (that has a big douchescreen so your fat chubby fingers won't block the whole screen estate) came?

  • Kingesh

I have been play ngage since it startd & i must say i was staying with Nokia because of it,its sad that nokia thinks that those useless Java games that are available on Ovi can replace Ngage game's which has been having high end 3D game's on mobile...My last nokia will be the N97 & after that im leaving for samsung or s.e..

  • Midas

By the way i love my n97 (purchased July 19th). waiting for UK FW v20!

  • Midas

I think a lot of people misunderstood the story. Its not about the N-Gage Phone being shut down (such an old phone left us years ago) its about the N-gage store where u buy N-gage games for s60 devices using the n-gage application! as in n95, n96 where u go into games etc!

i think nokia have down this to increase download numbers through ovi store?

  • 5

Well im not surprised that N-gage is out of the business now. i never been a nokia fun but i tried it before buying there stupid unit and it lasted just 6 months and i sold it. I would suggest that they forget about their symbian OS and shift to MAEMO. then i would consider Nokia is good again.

  • thepineapple1

nokia just keeps f-in up itself.the first n-gage was revolutionary.i was expecting there to be another one and another after that.yet they just stopped.started to hate big companies,if 10billion people dont buy a product they just erase it.the old days where great for nokia,every phone more different than the one before it,in design and feature.now its the regurgitation of one design over and over and over and over again with the same software and hardware,just screen size.pitty nokia.i bought an old n-gage taco a few months ago,just to play worms,because i missed out on it when it was first launched,but i had a much better phone at the time,6600.so long n-gage,u will be missed.

  • Anonymous

yeah N-Gage name better than Ovi Game. Hope Symbian Foundation can make good universal gaming platform on Symbian Open Source.

  • Anonymous

It's a shame, as it was a good idea at the time, to create an application that ran as a sortof console but the problem was that it couldnt adapt with the hardware like Java games can. It DID produce some of the finest cellphone games of our time though. Worms, Reset Generation, Hooked on fishing, Metal Gear. I hope Ovi continues producing quality games.

  • me

If you cant beat them, join them. simple. i know this day will come since iphone came.

  • Anonymous

Of course it will going to die. There are so many games in the net that you can download for free. So why you should you buy one.

  • Dani

N-Gage was to expensive and the games were nowhere as good as PSP

  • Anonymous

I thought ngage was dead years ago. I never likes it anyway, games were crap and expensive, plus Nokia is no good for content. The only good thing they make is cheap phones for the masses.

  • Anonymous

jafcad, 31 Oct 2009who the hell buy games....just download it cracked. No tension haha.The disadvantage of an "open" platform, it's Ovi store vs the pirates.

So their won't be another taco phone.