This could be Samsung Galaxy S6 Active in the flesh

12 May, 2015
Once again, the rugged smartphone is expected to debut exclusively on AT&T in the United States.

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  • AnonD-1034

Wow! The king of ugly phone samsung,as usual,strikes again !

  • AnonD-222770

Ugly again!

  • alchemist12345

If above image is true then it look like they forget about removable battery option again.
Well-done Samsung we never expect any less from you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 May 2015removeable battery?? Hopefully

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Fan, 13 May 2015I don't understand why everyone is moaning about the MicroSD slo... moreLOTS of people use SD cards. Almost every single person I know that has a phone has an SD card...At least one.
And I know some people with spare batteries too.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having them. And they are continually getting faster and larger in capacity.

I appreciate what the S6 and I even understand why they left out the SD this time around unlike most people. But I still appreciate removable batteries and SD slots too.
If you cannot see either view you are bing bias.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 May 2015If they would go for some superb 1080p IGZO display that could b... moreHow is performing better in almost every way while using overall much less power not make it better for power users?

So what a power user needs is a display that is further behind in technology, calibration, and flexible user options. And on top of that is more power hungry is what you just said.

  • Anonymous

If they would go for some superb 1080p IGZO display that could be my next phone. AMOLED is not suitable for powerusers...

Whole new world with that battery. But it wont change feelings about 32+128GB vs. 32GB with/out slot.

  • Jani really good,but good!.I like. :-) Good job,Samsung.

  • Anonymous

No finger scanner

  • mads

does it have removable battery?

  • Anjeun


  • Galaxy Fan

AnonD-394915, 13 May 2015Hope it has microSD slot and removable battery. GS6 disappointed... moreI don't understand why everyone is moaning about the MicroSD slot. It's not like most cell phone users by a MicroSD card and it is slow memory. It seems more like a mantra that we have heard critics say because they want something not positive to say and now we have been told it is important.

I am happy that battery is big and removable. I wish the finger ID would be part of this so S6 Active users could use Samsung pay.

  • Anonymous

Like a bridge on the wall !!!!

  • Anonymous

removeable battery??

  • AnonD-394915

Hope it has microSD slot and removable battery. GS6 disappointed me only in those points.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 May 2015I really had this phone in my hand yesterday at mediamarket inha... moreDon't know what you were looking for, but it wasn't this phone. The GS6A has exactly the same screen as the GS6.

  • Magneato

Probably no removable battery. Will it support Qi wireless charging?

  • Alien

John Jon, 12 May 2015If looks could kill, this one should belong to the military.I think the military had devices like this when we were playing with Nokia 3310 =))
I would love to have a thermal camera, infrared etc on it. That would be so awesome !

  • AnonD-219349

I hope that Samsung allow it for all those who don't liked the S6 w/o slot and removable battery and made it more worldwide than the S5 Active that's been restricted for just few markets.

Hattin' AT&T 'couse that.