YotaPhone 2 launches in China today

25 May, 2015
The dual-screened handset is priced at a rather hefty CNY 4,888, a good deal more than you pay in the West.

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  • AnonD-610125

Now Yota2 is 122euros from China on Gearbest. I just wanna know if its a cheap fake or the real deal.
I think the double screen is great idea, you dont need the HD 16M colors all the time, only when you are watching a video or playing games.

  • AnonD-400152

It is good phone.... yotaphone2 is quite remarkable compared to yotaphone 1.... The price is justified if you look at the amount of innovation the screen has to offer.... over past 4 years nothing breakthrough has come.... I used this phone in Europe .... It was quite remarkable.... I am buying it soon...

  • Anonymous

you will never understand communist.

  • ajay

Damn. Yota, have you heard about your neighbour "xiaomi"? do you still think this phone can even compete with Huawei models? Practically 2 display sounds great but it is useless. Last year you launched YotaPhone at 26,000 rupees, and in one year price dropped to 7000rupees(Flipkart ).

Yota seemed to be disconnected from reality with their past phone, which they couldn't sell at super-high price, so they made a new (already outdated) device and sell it for much more than today's flagships. The price is especially bad considering its sold in China, where most flagship-level phones are sold at ridiculously low price.

  • joe sHmoe

That price is insane! you could by an iphone with that much cash.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 801 -700 euro