YotaPhone 2 launches in China today

25 May, 2015

While the YotaPhone 2 is going the trendy route with a crowdfunding campaign in the US, in China the launch will be more traditional. Yota Devices has already established a partnership with Chinese company JieLan, which will handle promotion, sales and support of YotaPhone 2 in the Chinese market.

Yota's website puts the price at CNY 4,888 (equivalent to a hefty $788/€718). You should be able to order one right now as sales are officially underway, though the website is still in pre-order mode.

The YotaPhone 2 is fairly unique with its e-paper back, which provides low-power always-on notification display as well as a superior reading experience. You can check out our review for details.

Anyway, in China the device will be modified with local LTE bands and pre-loaded with social networks and messengers (Weibo and WeChat). iReader will get you books to read on the back display.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-610125

Now Yota2 is 122euros from China on Gearbest. I just wanna know if its a cheap fake or the real deal. I think the double screen is great idea, you dont need the HD 16M colors all the time, only when you are watching a video or playing games.

  • AnonD-400152

It is good phone.... yotaphone2 is quite remarkable compared to yotaphone 1.... The price is justified if you look at the amount of innovation the screen has to offer.... over past 4 years nothing breakthrough has come.... I used this phone in Euro...

  • Anonymous

you will never understand communist.

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