Android 5 Lollipop now seeding on Samsung Galaxy A7

27 May, 2015
Samsung began seeding Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Galaxy A7, Russia is the first to get it.

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  • Anonymous

Selwyn , 26 Feb 2017I updated my 2015 Samsung Galaxy A7 to the latest software andro... moreThere is no such sound for boot process now so don't worry

  • Selwyn

I updated my 2015 Samsung Galaxy A7 to the latest software android 6.0.1
When I switch on the phone there's no sound when the Samsung emblem comes up. Is that normal?

I do not have a problem with my speaker or sound. I'm just asking if it's normal not to have that welcoming Samsung music when the phone is switched on..

How do I fix it

  • sohel

I want to my SUMSUNG GALAXY J1 phone version and phone spftware latest varsion

  • Anonymous

A, 10 Feb 2017How to upgrade to 6 pls tell me and one more question how to kno... more2016 model of galaxy a7 have no speaker on back side instead of it has speaker on bottom and also a7 2016 has glass body where as 2015 has metal body.
Hope that would help you.

  • A

pawan, 12 Jan 2017I updated my phone A7-2016 form OS 5.1 to 6.0.1 on 6Jan2017 afte... moreHow to upgrade to 6 pls tell me and one more question how to know is it 2015 or 2016

  • Anonymous

How i can update my mobile

  • pawan

I updated my phone A7-2016 form OS 5.1 to 6.0.1 on 6Jan2017 after OS upgrade phone pop-up more security update and updated the same.After all patch update my cell working fine.I did not found any issue on phone.No battrey drain or slow or app crash working fine.Only dislike is version 6.0.1 all app icon showing bigger size.anyone have idea how to decrease app icon size without any 3rd party app like lucher or theme.

  • ytirta

I have successfully upgraded my Samsung A7 2016 2 days ago. I got very bad experience with the Marshmallow, the battery is dramatically draining. Previously in normal usage the phone can be used almost 2 days but now.. only 10 hours..

  • partap nepali

I need to old version is very good. wy you chang my version .i am not happy new version 6.0 . plz you have a send me my old version plz plz plz you help me

  • Anonymous

why my a7 2015 dont have any update stil at lollipop 2hen i try to update oit said you have the latest version help thx.

  • deepak

my Samsung galaxy A7 mobile is missing

  • Sher ali

I need to old version is very good looking for open my mobail pls you sent to old version thanku

  • nazaf nawaj

AnonD-400383, 28 May 2015What about Lollipops update on A5 in Pakistan. I've heard Lollip... moreMy phone is updated daily uses

  • Anvar

Hey i recently installed new version 6.0.1 . First i thought its for better but when i used after installation some games started to crash and live wallpapers...(

  • xaatim

My phone don't update when I need to update he shows me chines language and I don't understand
What I suppose to do?

  • Otai Man

I already upgrade my samsung galaxy a7 2015 to android 6.0.1 mashmallow officially. It works great and i notice that before my phone used android 5.0.1 makes my phone easily get hot but now the symptom is gone and my phone runs great..

  • Salim masthan

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2016My Samsung a7 phone have software update showing on the screen w... moreMy samsung a7 2015 showing updation new version how to remove?

  • Anonymous

i upgraded my A7 but it doesn't start....its dead...

  • muthu

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2016yesterday i got an upgrade but after that upgrade my phone doesn... moremine too

  • ana 1993

Hi my phone is samsung A7 YD 2015 Wondering when version 6.0.1 is launched to download? please answer to me.