Android 5 Lollipop now seeding on Samsung Galaxy A7

27 May, 2015
Samsung began seeding Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Galaxy A7, Russia is the first to get it.

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  • Adesh

AnonD-425808, 21 Aug 2015The update will come in Jan 2016 for a7Are u sure ...about jan 2016....why so late?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-425808, 21 Aug 2015The update will come in Jan 2016 for a7how u r sure

  • AnonD-425808

The update will come in Jan 2016 for a7

  • AnonD-432182

When come lolipop update for galaxy a7?

  • deepak

Samsung is bogus company they will never give lollipop upgrade 5.0 for Samsung Galaxy A7.

  • asif


Never buy a samsung smartphone, Stay with Other BRANDS. I bought samsung a7 4 months back at a price of 30000/-lNR with 4.4.4 kitkat still waiting for 5.0.2.
Samsung launched 1 month back samsung a8 with latest operating system (latest features) at a price of 32000/-INR. SAMSUNG MADE US FOOL.
Thats why never "Samsung".

  • sanju

samsung !!!!!!!! disappointed
still there is no lolipop update in A7

  • sanju

Can someone please let me know like when will I get lollipop OTA update to Samsung A7 ? Really waiting ???

  • Rakesh

md omer farooq, 16 Aug 2015i am wating for LollipopI want lollipop software upgreadabel in a7

  • Anonymous

Dinesh, 11 Aug 2015Samsung phones is waste don't buy I hate samsung mobiles I have ... more100per is totally waste of money either go 4 iph. Or just go with local brands atleast they r value 4 money

  • AnonD-403769

Lollipop for Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD.......I wait 3 months....hmmm

  • Brijesh

When we will receive lollipop for A7

  • md omer farooq

i am wating for Lollipop

  • anil maniram

Not waiting sorry I am just HTC phone ....

  • hari

ajay, 06 Aug 2015When lollipop will available in india for samsung A7When did samsung a7 get lolipop update in indiareply me urgent.

  • Abhi bhatt

Waited enough for lolipop update,time to sell it out and go for Sony.

  • AnonD-425808

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015frm whr r u bro u got update on e5 lolipop Ota update 748mb lollipop 3.10.49-5479496 kernel

  • wreetek pkhrl

Is there lollipop updated for this mobile in Nepal. I have been waiting for 5 months

  • Anonymous

AnonD-425808, 05 Aug 2015Hi I have e5 & also a7 but amazingly today I got lollipop u... morefrm whr r u bro u got update on e5 lolipop

  • Malaysian citizen

from my opinion.Lolipop must be avaliable soon as possible because people now are searching and buying the most high tech handphones and serve low cost in this country