Android 5 Lollipop now seeding on Samsung Galaxy A7

27 May, 2015
Samsung began seeding Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Galaxy A7, Russia is the first to get it.

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  • Sonjoy Saha

When i able upgrade my Samsung Galaxy A7(SM-A700FD) to android lollipop 5.0.2 . I was purchased my phone from Malaysia but i still live Bangladesh.
Have you any recommend for me GSMARENA.

  • hari

Faizan, 07 Jun 2015samsung a700fd lollipop in indeaWhen did lolipop update is available in india A700FD.

  • Momi

When will be the update available in Saudi Arabia for Galaxy A7?

  • Faizan

samsung a700fd lollipop in indea

  • Faizan

Samsung A700FD Lollipop update in india

  • Shaan

Plez say something abt release date in India

  • y

We want update A700F A700fd A700H in India.

  • Anonymous

plz updates android 5 galaxy
a7 sm-a700h

  • johndlivingston@gmai

I Want my Samsung A7 to get lollipop version as early as possible.L

  • panky

samsung a7 lolipop comming india date plz fast

  • toretto

i want my samsung A7 to get lollipop version

  • yachu

please send lolipop on my sm-a700h in india.

  • AnonD-398616

i'm Still waiting for it in Jordan/Middle east, i heard that will Boost 4x the performance, so exited.

  • AnonD-400383

What about Lollipops update on A5 in Pakistan. I've heard Lollipop has issues one of my friend told he reverted back to KitKat on his S5

  • Anonymous

when will it be available South Asia ? Sri Lanka ?

  • Anonymous

Please update My Galaxy A7 Lollipop in India.

  • Kunal W

One of the best phones in the market with a good brand.Only drawback is that its a bit overpriced. If samsung can reduce its price by 35 to 40 percent , then nobody will buy Chinese phones.
Just a comparison A7 is 25000 and Mi4i is 13,000 with almost same specs.

  • Panks

when will lollipop update coming for samsung galaxy A7 in India..

  • Anonymous

what time updated galaxy E5??!!

  • AnonD-305286

No love for the note 3 sm-n900 in Nigeria yet... Samsung sure knows how to screw their loyal customers