Android M detailed: The little things

29 May, 2015
New cut/copy/paste UI, app standby, direct share, improved volume controls, updated UI, and much more.

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  • Yo

If you like it buy it if you don't like it just look for another ph with different OS and that's it.

  • AnonD-210607

autocrat, 30 May 2015a pure copy of xiaomi's miui6 lolwho would copy the copy machine? are you sick?

  • AnonD-401532

I noticed that if you name a homescreen folder with gesture typing, the folder name becomes underlined.

New feature, or bug? Because I kinda like it.

  • autocrat

a pure copy of xiaomi's miui6 lol

  • Kukun Mishra

Great factors but still same with maps. I hope Google try to develop offline maps sector like here map if it possible the new OS become powerful.

  • bishal kurmi

my favourite phone samsung z1

  • jade

Anonymous, 30 May 2015Copying ios 6 ulol

Now i understand why google choose huawei. Ofcourse Huawei is a qualified vendor and Huawei have applied fingerprint scanner on their phones..

  • AnonD-2913

Hey GSMArena, the internal storage does mount on a PC. But for that you need to go into developer options, then find an option that lets you switch between PTP and MTP modes. It's set to PTP by default, but switching to MTP makes the storage mount.

  • Anonymous

Ah man! Finally there's an impact of windows phone os on Android. As days pass, there'll be no difference among IOS, Windows and Android. Purely there's very minimal originality in Android as usual. Anyway people ll fall for it blindly due to numerous apps android has.

  • AnonD-293650

did u say copy ios 6? haahaha

  • AnonD-401057

nick, 30 May 2015Sd card support just when samsung got out of memory card bu... moreIt's likely for Android One users

  • AnonD-190634

add multi window in the list!

  • Anonymous

Copying ios 6

  • Ali

This version is available for nexus 5 or not please confirm

  • nick

Sd card support just when samsung got out of memory card business guess it'll mainly be htc or sony for people's choice now

  • Anonymous

Making sd card as internal storage is best feature of Android m...Probably helpful to lower range devices...

  • abhi

copying from windows

  • rahul

everythin is all perfect , keybord option ! 3x4 keypad mod is not avlable . On android keybord !

onliy on samsung divce support 3x4 keypad option...!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2015(1.0), (1.1), C (cupcake), D (donut, E (eclair), F (froyo),... moreMcflurry