Android M detailed: The little things

29 May, 2015
New cut/copy/paste UI, app standby, direct share, improved volume controls, updated UI, and much more.

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  • hh

I don't know but it looks so ugly too me.

  • scroller

M for marshmallow - a lot of whipped up froth and not much substance.

  • Anonymous

The M probably stands for More Lag and Issues

  • ZF2

Android Lollipop is not yet stable then Android M is on it's way. Hope that Android M clears all the bugs and will be much more stable and Android L. Anyways the new features are nice. HURRY UP AND GIVE US A MUCH MORE STABLE VERSION! :)

  • trin

M stands for Mango this time, already Vodafone IN on home screen so seems major testing etc are done in India

  • AnonD-303126

Google has lost the plot completely. No real progress since KitKat. Lollipop still v bug ridden. :(

  • AshokRahi

M for Mango. To End Users may be next year in Q2. Till then wait and be excited as usual.

  • Anonymous

There is experimental multiple window support among other things hidden in developer options.

  • Anonymous

When will 10% of Android phones run this version - 2020 ?

Useless how a year or so after release of Lollipop, only 10% of Android phones are running 5.0 or greater, and not even optimally - a number of issues still being sorted out.

  • AnonD-190733

Vodafone IN ???