Android M detailed: The little things

29 May, 2015
New cut/copy/paste UI, app standby, direct share, improved volume controls, updated UI, and much more.

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edit horizontal floating toolbar uses captions... poor developers. it's a large company, how can't they afford professional developers and designers that know not every word could be that short in any language.

  • AnonD-250705

Adoptable storage devices

Users can now add an SD card, which will then be adopted by the system to behave like internal storage. The memory card will be formatted and encrypted and will be seen like internal memory. You can then install apps and other private data easily onto the memory card.

Finally this is what everyone has been complaining about, they give it to you and your still complaining.. Jeeze

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2015And It WILL be LAG on samsung devices. AAAlllwayyss..Except there is no more lag on the Samsung Galaxy S6, even with Android 5.0 which has some known issues that are fixed in 5.1.

  • Wesley

Couldn't Google give people an easy option for colour of menus (light or dark) and sytle of the app drawer (vertical or horizontal)?

Seems they still cannot match manufacturer skins in giving users more options.

Anonymous, 29 May 2015There is experimental multiple window support among other things... moreTo add more info to my previous comment, here is the reddit post that explains how to enable it if you have one of those lucky devices with android M:­extremely_experimental_multiwindow_support_on/
On my nexus 9 I can run 2, 3 or 4 apps at once with this. I can't wait for the official release of this feature!

For me the preview was stable enough apart from some slowdowns when scrolling. Of course some apps are not compatible and crash.
But I still had to reflash my 5.1.1 backup because of the lack of root. If we get root (and we will) on the following days the preview will become my daily driver!

  • Anonymous

Vodafone IN ???

Vodafone India.

  • Dovice

I have that CUT COPY PASTE menu already on my Lolipop powered Note 4! It's exactly the same. Must be a Samsung special or sumsing.

  • AnonD-190634

this, is , awesommeeeeeeeeeee

  • Mir

Anonymous, 29 May 2015The M probably stands for More Lag and Issuesha ha .. correct.
More Lag.
More Hang.
More auto Reset.
More Ram.

  • Anonymous

well i guess Google waana go Alphabetically..j(jelly bean)K (Kitkat) L (Lollipop) n now M ...

  • Balaji

Dont understand the negative comments on this page..
I have a nexus 4 running 5.1.1 & it is running smoothly without any lag...
Lags are always due to the custom roms of the OEM's & updates are also because of this customisation.
If you love customisation then live with it els swithc over to iOS or WP

  • technerd

M stands for James Bond's boss 'M'.

  • Anonymous

xps, 29 May 2015Mine is running just fine. And what really is funny, is that the... moreCos Apple can't handle diversity lol.

  • Anonymous

And It WILL be LAG on samsung devices. AAAlllwayyss..

  • Andrew

I'm glad they added a search button in the drawer app. Although the search box in Lollipop's home screen can search apps on your phone, it also searches for other stuff and displays them on the top.

  • xps

Anonymous, 29 May 2015When will 10% of Android phones run this version - 2020 ? Use... moreMine is running just fine. And what really is funny, is that the people that really care about this are iOS fans. When you have a unified system like iOS, everything is exactly the same, and they are only truly updating at maximum 7 versions of iOS. While there are at least 10 times that many versions of phones running Android. Then you have to factor in how the OEMs want to change Android, get it working and updating their own 4-7 or MORE versions of phones they have released. To compare iOS and Android in this way of acceptance of a new OS is completely ludicrous.

  • sam

Anonymous, 29 May 2015When will 10% of Android phones run this version - 2020 ? Use... morei totally agree wit u...and android N wil have 10% in 2050

  • sam

this is L doesn't have 10% share...they are gonna release major version every will be like

L - < 10%
M - < 10%
N - < 10%
O - < 10%

and nobody knows which versions they use in future

windows phone did a good job here

windows phone 8.1 is now over 70% in market

  • AnonD-315435

So auto upgrade means Android is coming in the lines of Microsoft/Apple.
Now all Android users get updates automatically like my windows phone.

  • Anonymous

Previously connecting a USB OTG drive in stock Android made it accessible in apps but the OS itself behaved as if nothing was connected. In M, you now get a notification that lets you explore the contents of the drive in a file explorer like interface, along with an eject button to safely remove it. It also shows up in the Storage option in the Settings app, which has been revamped slightly.

That's why sometime native android UI was not welcome by most. For USB-OTG, brand like Samsung UI already have such features, it got notification that USB storage was attached long time ago. Samsung UI will also auto open My Files (Manager) and showing new attached storage and it contents.