Huawei P8 lite hits the US with $249.99 no-contract price tag

03 June, 2015
As its name suggests, Huawei P8 lite is a mid-range version of the Chinese manufacturer’s P8 flagship.

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  • Anonymous

Is this phone huawei p8 lite working in canadian network anyone know pls and thanks

  • Sammy

Can some tell me the lates price of huawei p8 phone in china

  • Abhi

Considering this has a non removable Battery, does this have a Type C USB connector for fast charging or wireless charging facility ?

  • AnonD-142922

naap51d, 03 Jun 2015Hope it succeeds. I bet if you were able to slap a "b... moreExactly ..
I have Mate7 and I am NOT gonna replace it for nothing because simply there is nothing better..

  • AnonD-386467

Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 is a better buy...

Hope it succeeds. I bet if you were able to slap a "brand name" on it (other than CRapple), most non tech savvy consumers, who are dumb enough to go under a 2 year contract for ever, wouldn't know the difference.
I have the Mate2, wouldn't trade it for anything. $299.00 is what I paid for it just around a year ago.
Hopefully more and more mid spec devices will it the USA and start to put a dent into the over priced flagship/contract phones.


What are you talking about overpriced? i would buy it. its certainly better looking than asus zen who stole LG design elements and then went ahead to use the exact same line Quoting it would feel like a 5Incher in hand lol

  • Anonymous

Overprice, Who in there right mind buying this over Asus ZenFone 2,

  • Anonymous

150 not a dime more. After all they have made this *hit several years, starting from P6.