Could this be the upcoming 5.5-inch Galaxy S6 Plus

04 June, 2015
A couple of leaked shots claim to showcase the upcoming super-sized Galaxy S6 Plus.

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  • AnonD-80436

saamy, please change name also to sapple.

Sapple siphone 6 plus

  • AnonD-284791

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2015Hmmmm iPhone 6 PLUS .....Galaxy s6 PLUS Sounds Familiar. ... morehahahaha

  • Anonymous

if people do not buy S6, why do people buy S6+?

  • Anonymous


iPhone 6 PLUS .....Galaxy s6 PLUS

Sounds Familiar.

Apple Pay.......Samsung PAY.

Hmmm Must be a coincidence.

iCloud & S-Cloud?!

Now this is getting silly!

  • AnonD-292864

Galaxy S6 mini ?

  • Lar

Amazing Samsung! I love bigger screen on the new innovated design S6 Edge series. People must embrace the new Era of mobiles. Dispose Jurassic handsets which are no longer beneficial now a days.

  • PuroDoraiba

AnonD-233, 04 Jun 2015This is a silly move by Samsung I'm sorry to say. The Galaxy Not... moreBecause it's Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Apple launches iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5 inch display. One year later Samesung launches Galaxy S6 Plus Edge with 5.5 inch display. Sad...

  • Nenad

I can't belive, everyday some new from Samsung! Spamers! And yes, I can't belive - S6 plus, what a revolutionary new look! I'm so happy!

  • Stranger

Awesome! I love innovation. Go for it Samsung;Great job.

  • AnonD-233

This is a silly move by Samsung I'm sorry to say. The Galaxy Note series is sufficient to combat the iPhone xx Plus series. Why is there a need for the S6 "Plus" again.

  • AnonD-279460

Still looks like s6 edge