Nokia will launch new smartphones in 2016, CEO now says

19 June, 2015
The Finnish company won't be directly producing them, instead choosing to license its brand to partners.

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  • sukhdeep singh

Nokia is a grate phone Nokia no 1 I love nokia please returns Nokia phone

  • Hasan

Wow man it sound good . I love Nokia phone . it is the best because of its superb hardware, whatever I used phone in my life . I am still waiting to buy Nokia android 4g supported phone since 2016. Can someone please tell me when it will be available in the market in 2017.?


So do I love Nokia Smart Phones.
How I wish I can afford the Incoming Swan phone.
I planned to buy the N1, but I'd rather wait for the Swan, but just a little scared of the price. lol

  • nazim pasha

Nokia smartphone is all best

  • Anonymous

Wows to listen. Waiting eagerly.

  • varun

I love Nokia phones
And I m waiting for new Nokia android phones
When you will comes Nokia
Please comes fast I want to use you
I will buy when you launch on the day

  • more

bjoy, 11 Dec 2016i will b waiting for Nokia Android to launch in India. Nokia is ... moreI love Nokia I m not so sure what I'll do without my Nokia

  • veer


  • Shakeer khan

I am waiting nokia android phone

I love nokia

  • karthik

wafting for so long I need to change my mobile with nokia, it great to be back with nokia

  • ächü skril

nokia we believe in you
Nokia is the best always the brings the best i felt so alone when nokia faded away and im still using my nokia c5 03 in the memories of that brilliant brand

  • Amar Singh

Still waiting for new Nokia mobile phones, plz launch new mobile phones soon as soon possible,

  • dinu

nokia returns.....

  • khan

bjoy, 11 Dec 2016i will b waiting for Nokia Android to launch in India. Nokia is ... moreI love Nokia

  • Anonymous

Show me latest smatphones of nokia i want to buy

  • nawrazzz raja

siva, 27 Nov 2016Plz launch the new smart phones with best features and low price... moreRilaxx wait and watch

  • bjoy

i will b waiting for Nokia Android to launch in India. Nokia is the best phone in every operating systems, so come back Nokia and launch the best Nokia smartest phone soon the end of 2016.

  • saddam

Nokia is best

  • Lion

Why taking so long to bring back the mother of all cellphones? I have waited for in vain to no avail. Please do me and family a great favor.

  • Arshad khan

Hello, I am using Nokia x when mobile was lunch then I purchase it tell I have it plese make new android phone to all those who using the Nokia Handsets.......................Thank you

And I am also have Nokia set Like
Nokia 6600
Nokia 220
Nokia 5230