Nokia will launch new smartphones in 2016, CEO now says

19 June, 2015
The Finnish company won't be directly producing them, instead choosing to license its brand to partners.

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  • AnonD-354090

The Giant will rise again. Maybe 7-8 years ago Nokia was big like Apple+Samsung+LG+Sony together. People still appreciate that brand. Personally I would like to get some new high end Nokia with Snapdragon 820 or similar inside, running Android M.


AnonD-257101, 19 Jun 2015Companies like Samsung and Apple better beware, the real King of... moreCouldn't agree more,hail Nokia!

  • AnonD-383472

This is great news.. Nokia shouldn't have perhaps gone the Windows Phone route, maybe the Android road would have provided better scenery.

  • AnonD-257101

Companies like Samsung and Apple better beware, the real King of all phones will be back and will conquer all of them once again!! mark my words

  • yesmam

AnonD-199523, 19 Jun 2015Yesss!!! yes

  • ast

Best news for the person in this year who has been suffering earthquakes

  • Nicki

Bitches like Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, Sony, and HTC better beware, the real bitch will be back and its name is NOKIA!

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-199523