Nokia answers back: Symbian stays, so does Maemo

20 November, 2009
Just a couple of days ago Maemo team suggested Nokia has plans to ditch Symbian as an OS of choice for its N-series devices in favor of Maemo. Nokia however have something to say on the matter...

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  • Anonymous

It is still early for nokia to comment about it

if maemo 6 more popular than symbian ^4

then symbian will be dropped from nseries

maemo5 is still the tablet os! Time will tell

  • R@KB

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  • Anonymous

i just purchased my new nokia e72 yesterday and was disappointed upon reading the news that nokia is about to ditch the OS of my newly purchaced device. But now, im glad to hear that the news is untrue. I lLOVE MY E72, I LOVE SYMBIAN, I LOVE NOKIA!!!!! Its not that i have a grudge against maemo, i admit, its an awesome OS and its future is bright, but lets not forget that symbian was one of nokias greatest foundation from the start.

  • Bill

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2009S60 is a joke not an O/S, but then so are Nokia these days.How is nokia a joke when they have a vast empire of share in the developing world and have more innovation than either Apple/RIM and Android combined. Get your head out of your backside, fanboy.

  • Anonymous

That's great and all but none of this is going to succeed until Nokia drops the prices of their phones to where people can afford to buy them. More people that have the phone, the more successful the phone will be, less people have it, less successful it will be. Drop the price = more people with device, meaning, more people that want to develop for the device. Nokia, Drop Your Prices!!!! Respond to that Nokia!!!

  • Chris_Skylock

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2009"When it comes to choosing an OS, Nokia deems Symbian as more su... moreYou're right. Is the Nokia N97 not a high-end phone? Maemo was just released today and the Nokia N97 was release a few months ago. Meaning the N97 will be the last Symbian High-end phone of Nokia. The Next High-end phone of Nokia might/will be a Maemo device - which is in 2012. The possibility of the Nokia N99.

The Nokia N900 is still a tablet device so it's not comparable to the Nokia N97. Let's wait and see for a proper phone with a Maemo OS

  • Anonymous

S60 is a joke not an O/S, but then so are Nokia these days.

  • Anonymous

"When it comes to choosing an OS, Nokia deems Symbian as more suitable for mainstream smartphones, while Maemo will be used only on powerful high-end productivity devices." wow, stupid me, i didn't know my n97 was actually NOT a high-end when i bought it three months ago.

  • Anonymous

Ditch 5th Edition and be replace by Maemo. Then redesign FP2 and S40 (for low-end phones). There's just too much Symbian version.

  • Daniel

Nice picture. Very expressive. From what I can tell about what Nokia said, I think Maemo will be to Symbian S60 what Symbian S60 was to Symbian S40 a while back. In other words, Maemo will be a new step. But I doubt Nokia will just ditch Symbian.

Thing is, Maemo does look a million times better, and the user experience is also a million times better that what Symbian delivers at the moment. Which is as good a reason as it can get to evolve to Maemo. The only thing Maemo needs now is portrait orientation. With that, I'd take any Maemo device over a Symbian one in a heartbeat.

  • Chris_Skylock

both parties might be/are correct. Nokia will ditch Symbian in favor of Maemo for its flagship phones and internet tablets. The Nokia N99 (possible for 2012 release) will be a Maemo device.

For lower N-series phones, it's still Symbian.

These are just my opinion as I study phones.

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  • b

What is maemo like?

  • carl

good news for all symbian fans!