Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 to be delayed until January 2010

04 December, 2009
We don't know what kind of curse has been put on Sony Ericsson but troubles at the company seem never ending. The latest information that we received states that their Windows Mobile flagship X2...

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  • fucc

yes....also in Italy the news has been published: x2 delayed (­son-posticipato-lxperia-x2.html)

  • Daan

It's already out in the netherlands.. 460 euros.

  • Anonymous

'Cos I ain't spending anymore $600 to $800 phone that is not US 3G compatible.

  • Anonymous

I was really anticipating to get this phone back in October. But as of now (December), I am really losing my interest in this phone.

Unless the phone comes with at least with an Omnia II processor, this phone is really no competition even with an 8MP camera.

The US market is already reaching the 1Ghz by the end of December (see LG GW820 eXpo from at&t). With a contract, the phone is definitely a good deal (i.e. $299). Plus, the LG is at least US 3G compatible with one carrier (e.g. at&t).

If I gotta wait for Jan. (yes, my next year girlfriend), might as well wait for T-Mobile to respond with an HTC deal.

Hopefully, T-Mobile can offer something of the same deal (i.e. $299) with a contract asap.

  • simeon

i was really lookin forward to another lovely xperia

  • dumb gsmarena

This is called paid journalism. I bet some company is paying gsmarena for this false news to ruin SE. Common gsmarena be fair to SE.

  • J

Aino was never pulled back ande the problems gsmarena are describing has been denied by Carphone Warehouse. They have been selling Aino all along and will keep on doing so. Gsmarena even wrote about it themselves??!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2009on the other side i need to repare my last post. its already ava... moreits little under 500€ in Slovenia

  • Anonymous

on the other side i need to repare my last post. its already available in my country so i guess these are untrue news. Ore they are true only for vodafone since it is from their page.

  • z

x2 is definitely a iphone killer!!! look at the size, its like a brick. 1 hit and the iphone will turn into trash.

  • Anonymous

i realy feel shame for SE. im a SE fan since they made p800 back in 2002. I have x1 and i have never been more fappy with a cellphone then with x1.

Shame they have broblems with X2 release. althou it doesnt have 1 ghz processor and after what i have seen of the new X2 UI itsa gona be a blast. IMO

  • kits

didn't you guys just mention Aino has no problems and it was a false news? Don't try to beat the dead snake as SE is already. Wish them good days as they have the best non-smart OS. If only they step up he hardware on their feature phones to make them fly with Conversation view and Facebook/Twitter in standby modes.

  • Anonymous

Aj, 04 Dec 2009Totally false News!!!! Its already available fro ordering in man... morethis is not the prob. of se but of gsmarena dumd guys ...they have lost their minds...

  • Aj

Totally false News!!!! Its already available fro ordering in many countries. Vodafone's customization might not have worked for that phone. that doesnt mean the phone has a issue. look at this link...­one-3gs does it mean that iphone is not yet released??? come on... is not the end of the world!!!

  • Anonymous

well.. they have no choice.. as they have alot of lesson to learn.. if they going to release their unstable x2 to boost sales again.. more people will lose hope..

  • Anonymous

I guess it's time I say good bye to SE and move on to something else as i wanted a new phone for Christmas. Tried Aino and it's slow as snail and tested my patience more than anything recently. When SE tries to sell it for $600, they should have gone cheap on a good process and low memory. They need to learn from Apple. They are successful not just because of their OS. But they keep their hardware way ahead of time and the build quality is like a rock. Phone is something used almost every minute these days and any lag means they ruin their customers experience. SE has a great OS but they need to step up the hardware on their phones and get them ahead of time to market. They are already a rare species and will soon be extinct and forgotten.

  • Anonymous

Sony ..please....u guyz are hel late....

X1 was a real bad release and could even reach 350,000...
Satio is a bit better... now X2 is sure gona be a flop....

Lets see what they are gonna do with X10, which already has a old OS.

DROID/MILESTONE is the best fone available.. and N900 is fine as well...

Common Sony Ericsson.... wake up...
I really LOVE u guys...
I hate to see u behind (dumb) NOKIA.

  • JK

I still think X2 will make to the shores in Asia by mid to end Dec as planned. usually Vodafone releases are delayed due to customizations of firmware etc. I wouldn't bet on this being delayed. Looking forward to the best featured WM phone.

  • Anonymous

X mean Xperimental it`s just test product from SE. i hear after Symbian Open Source release SE will kick WinMo & Android. Go Symbian kick them A*SS huahahahaha

  • Anonymous

I really hope this is not true. Because im gonna get a new cell phone for Christmas and this is the one i want but if it is delayed.. im gonna head to the SE Aino