Upcoming Nexus 5 (2015) posts a 85K score in AnTuTu

14 July, 2015
An alleged benchmark for the upcoming Nexus device reveals a truly powerful machine.

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Umbilical Noose, 14 Jul 2015what is fup?FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy . Most high speed unlimited connections provide high speeds only up to a certain data limit after which their speed drastically reduces. This limit is known as FUP

  • AnonD-421004

Bigger CPU, RAM, Storage, DPI, CAM, GPU,... For better VR experience (google cardboard)

  • Anonymous

Waiting Nexus 6 with higher spec and screen lager more.. I am waiting and hope nexus 6 has RAM 4G and camera 20Mp and battery bigger. Nexus 6 will become best phone using anđroid platform. newest android software and more news point i never seen other phone...

  • Anonymous

1080p on a 5 inch screen is more than enough... rather have the extra battery juice and faster performance by not having qHD.

Just wish nexus would have micro sd and removable battery

  • AnonD-419217

it seems SD 620 because poor 3d graphics it closed for adreno 330 on FHD

  • dude

antutu needs to add support for the cpu first before anything ...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-417377, 16 Jul 2015REALLY, really really! there is NO NEED for Quad HD display... moreI argee with that. A 1080p is just fine even 720p looks good on a small screen

  • Aspartame

FHD is the smart choice for battery.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-417377, 16 Jul 2015REALLY, really really! there is NO NEED for Quad HD display... moreI feel like you wanted mobile displays to get stuck at 1080p resolution even after year 2020. I won't be surprised if you would be whining about how nailed and hopeless technology progresses by then

  • AnonD-417377

REALLY, really really! there is NO NEED for Quad HD displays, this is just ridiculous!

  • AnonD-78845

I think that another reason why the Nexus 5 2015 might have a 1080p screen rather than a QHD display is that it would it would cost more, as a component, to power and to drive. If the Nexus 5 2015 is suppose to have a midrange retail price [probably around US$400], LG/Google are probably going to want to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.
Also, 1080p displays are not exactly pixelated. Another thing to keep in mind it that when Oppo & HTC released the first 1080p smartphone back in 2012,it was considered overkill over 720p, now 1080p is now that normal, 1440p QHD is cutting edge and 720p is for lower cost devices. Here an article from Pocketnow, written by Michael Fisher

  • AnonD-109585

google out of ideas for names ,now they are rereleasing same devices with some changes?!!

  • korok

AnonD-348858, 15 Jul 201512590 at 3d score is low.note 4 has over 14000.the gpu is w... moreI don't think it is way too low , its still better than its previous gen.

  • Anonymous

Perhaps they'll use QHD on a Nexus 6 (2015) if they would ever release such model

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2015I would agree with you if it wasn't for one small problem -... moreDid you mean 2K on phones? 'Cause TV skipped 2K and jumped straight to 4K from 1080p

  • AnonD-348858

12590 at 3d score is low.note 4 has over 14000.the gpu is way to low.

  • Anonymous

Jim, 14 Jul 2015I think 720 would be even better. The difference between 72... moreI would agree with you if it wasn't for one small problem - TVs and monitors are 1080p now (the standard). Outputting video or gameplay will result in either stretching the image shown or superior rendering which for gaming would be a terrible idea as performance will drop.

2k TVs are still several years away from becoming the standard, video content is not here either and GPUs in phones don't have enough power to back it up (and that's not even going into the battery department), so 1080p is pretty much the sweetpoint.

  • AnonD-370787

Sounds good, I've been looking for a new phone with 1080p screen and a good GPU but no one has been making them :(. If Qualcomm can keep the heat production of the 820 down and LG have good heat dispersion and put in a good (preferably removable) battery then this will almost certainly be the phone for me :).

QHD is simply a marketing ploy, sure there's an improvement in image quality but you aren't going to be able to tell the difference without a side by side comparison which means the improvement is negligible and not worth the extra cost, performance hit and battery drain, especially when talking about QHD on a device that has a screen size under 6 inches. And while QHD is good for text rendering, it's usually bad for everything else because there's very little content that is over 1080p, most videos are 1080p and scaling up 1080p to a QHD resolution will actually reduce image quality due to the scaling, graphically advanced games are unlikely to render at over 1080p because of the massive performance hit, and over all performance in the OS is going to suffer too (though probably not any more noticeably than the image quality difference).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-323068, 14 Jul 2015"FHD is totally enough. I find it kind of strange that... moreDude, learn more about PPI before you talk, you are making yourself look dumb

  • Anonymous

AnonD-402833, 14 Jul 20155inch screen is a good choice. FullHD will help achieve bet... moreAmoled offers the best colours bar none when callibrated. Lollipop offers screen callibration so it's no contest, amoled hands down. Unfortunately Google would need to cut costs, so IPS it is (and peops would be happy about it).