HTC confirms One M9+'s European launch

16 July, 2015
There is, however, no word yet on when the device will go on sale, and in which countries it will be available.

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  • tjorg

My E8 is broken. And i been reading about the m9+ . This phone should have been the flagship for HTC ONE . This is 90% surely to be my 3rd phone from HTC. Im waiting for the eu release. I seen prices around 550usd on the net for this phone. But HTC are way to slow to bring it on the european market.

  • Anonymous

One M9 available in Vietnam from last month with high price but lower S6 and I Phone 6.. I think HTC launnch late but suitablke price will have many oppotunity to competetive with other phone. Even though, HTC M9 design same HTC M8 only different spec but i think and belive that M9 will sell out many phone more target.. I wish HTC develop more and more and launch new phone with lower price...

  • Aydin

One 9+ available for Turkey since June 15. 2000 TL (about 750 $)

bezels HTC bezels no 2012 but 2015 phones. Yes it is all alu body, nice UI but thicknes and bezels again. Used to have Sensation XL back then it was crazy then, but since M8 the time has stopped.

  • AnonD-90110

SnapDragon 810 or 805 is the worst ever with heating and battery consumption. Is better HTC stay away from that SnapDragon 805/801. Am really waiting for this phone to come to US.

  • Liv

I think it's a bit late now for the launch. So many models have since been launched. Should been launched simultaneously back then. With the anticipation on Note 5 n iPhone 6s next 1/2 mths, it will be difficult to improve the sales figure. Timing is everything in this business.

  • AnonD-318684

Mike, 16 Jul 2015We don't need a device with such crappy camera.if you dont need it you dont need to comment or buy, lol why make a comment if you dont like i dont like it either but i have the regular m9 and its by far a solid phone

  • gw504saints

If they would have popped a snap Dragon 810 or 805 would have been enough for me. Ill have to see some Americans views on this medatek

  • Mike

We don't need a device with such crappy camera.

  • annonymous

Graz, 16 Jul 2015Seven hundred and sixty Euro?! That price is insane for this phone!Cannot afford! Don't buy! That simple.

  • johndruzz

Here in Malaysia, the price of the HTC One M9+ has dropped to RM2199 or approx. 530 euros. Still a bit expensive than the Galaxy S6.

  • Graz

Seven hundred and sixty Euro?! That price is insane for this phone!

  • Anonymous

Mediatek...what was HTC thinking?

  • Anonymous