Goggles provide camera-aided Google search to Android

08 December, 2009
No one doubted that Google will take proper care of its own mobile OS, giving it all the care and attention it needs to grow up nice and strong. Their developers have just come up with a handful of new features...

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  • Anonymous

Disco, 09 Dec 2009Is Nobody Slightly Concerned About Any Potential Big Brothe... moreLike google and/or evil entities your photos for their own malicious plan?

  • Anonymous

nokia done this long time... its called point and find.

  • Mathew

Richard, 09 Dec 2009When will HTC update the Hero? None of these new features a... moreThey say available for 1.6 - so I would hope these can be found now within Market? Failing this, 2.1 (├ęclair) should be available very soon now (for the Hero)!! *Does anyone have any further updates on this (the official version)?

  • Mathew

kevin, 09 Dec 2009jeesh that is crazy stuff... soon itll have face recognitio... moreThe SE X10 does have face recognition (up to 5 faces in one photo), which is auto tagged against your contacts. And I guess Goggle must also have face recognition (if it already recognises paintings etc) - I would be surprised if Goggle can not already recognise the likes of Mona Lisa! :-)

  • Erick

I expect that 2011 will be the year of augmented reality for mobile devices at a mainstream level which will significantly revolutionize the way we interact with the environment in the mobile arena and it will be a significant driver for smartphone sales. This is just the beginning.

  • Disco

Is Nobody Slightly Concerned About Any Potential Big Brother Ramifications Here?

I Understand This IS COOL but.....

  • Richard

When will HTC update the Hero? None of these new features are available!!

  • Anonymous

I guess it'll work something like this:-


  • z

google killing other OS like a madman!!!

  • oho

b, 09 Dec 2009wow cool app! Off topic question: Can anyone tell me if... moreLook at HTC recently leaked roadmap, it has an alpha-numeric Android device, called Tide. You can find it in the news of this site.

  • kevin

jeesh that is crazy stuff... soon itll have face recognition too.lol take a snap of your friends' face and itll tell you who is was.lol

  • Anonymous

gr8 work goggle

  • Anonymous

does android camera support video conference call?

  • zeus

article says its for android platforms?
anyone care to know if this works for java phones like SE phones?will this work like on older models???

nifty feature thou....

  • b

wow cool app!

Off topic question:
Can anyone tell me if andriod can have a alpa-numeric keypad when texting? I dont really like qwerty.


  • Anonymous

I noticed the other day that icons for businesses started appearing in Google maps on my iPhone.

I wonder how much Google charges to have your business listed there?

All of Google's free stuff is ad supported which is ok as long as I can still find the services I want, not just be directed to the highest bidder.

  • Deep space bar

OVI maps will always better it's in the same league as tomtom and garmin since nokia owns NavTeQ and garmin and Tomtom use NavTeQ which is top stuff

  • bummy

Google > Apple :D

  • Striking resemblance

Hah ?! I just started Google Maps and took a look in my Nokia, and it now DOES have detailed city map ! Woohoo...

  • Striking resemblance

the map in the screenshot resemble the maps displayed in Nokia Maps (now Ovi Maps...), but in the Android device the maps are provided by Google. Google does not have detailed city maps for many east-European cities, but Nokia Maps do. What gives ?