Microsoft is pushing an OTA to enable 4G on select Lumia device in India

18 July, 2015
We are already getting reports from local users who can now enjoy LTE speeds, here available.

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now use lumia 540 microsoft mobile. how can i use 4g sims in it.

  • Anonymous

Plz Lumia 535 may b upgraded 4g online

  • lumia 535

4g update

  • lumia 640 dual sim

Please upgrade Lumia 640 dual sim to get 4g

  • Pawan

Nokia lumia 730 upgrade it upto 4G

  • bapi

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2016Plz my Lumia 5353gconvert4g Plz.convert 3g to 4g

  • raghav upadhyay

My Lumia convert do u 3gto4gv

  • Anonymous

Plz my Lumia 5353gconvert4g

  • varun kumar

Plz sir Lumia 535 mobile upgrade to 3g to 4g network please.......

  • malek Sameer

gowtham raj , 06 Dec 2016My phone is Microsoft Lumia 535 did my phone support 4g or ... more3g convert to 4g

  • Limits 540 user

I am using limits 540 how can I do it as 4g supported phone?it will be joining sim enabled?

  • lumia 540

Which process lumia 540 read 4g jio

  • gowtham raj

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2016I want update 4g in Lumia 535My phone is Microsoft Lumia 535 did my phone support 4g or optional to upgrade to 4g

  • praju rana

I have a Nokia Lumia 730.can i convert my phone to 4g?If than how?

  • Rahul Jaiswal

I want 4g

  • Anonymous

I want update 4g in Lumia 535

  • Imran Khan

Windowsphone 720 4gcanverd

  • Sheir ali

i upgraded my lumia 535 but he did not supported 4G

  • gave

divyesh, 09 Nov 2016How I can upgrade Lumia 540 for 4g supporting How I can upgrade Lumia 540 for 4g supporting

  • peter

Rahul, 12 Nov 2016Dear sir. I have lumia540. This is 3G mobile. Can I convert... morePlz download and install windows insider from store and upgrade to win 10 and u can use 4g lte