Microsoft is pushing an OTA to enable 4G on select Lumia device in India

18 July, 2015
We are already getting reports from local users who can now enjoy LTE speeds, here available.

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  • pijush

Please upgrade Lumia 540 to get 4g

  • AnonD-615685

Sir my phone is Nokia Lumia 730ds
This device 4g support? Please answer

  • Varinder Vasu

How to 535 3g to 4 g update software.if next time 5g always change phones's not good only option update 2g .3g.4 update 5 g....

  • trilok

prakash, 27 Nov 2016I want update Lumia 535 3g to 4gCan lumia be a4G supporting

  • Aadi

How I convert my Nokia Lumina 920 windows phone in 4G. Pls give sugation

  • lumia 540

Anchal, 25 Nov 2016How to convert 3Gto 4G4g sim salected

  • prakash

I want update Lumia 535 3g to 4g

  • awdhesh kumar

I want Lumia 535 update to 4G phone

  • karthik

How change my Microsoft Lumia 535 3g to 4g

  • Anchal

How to convert 3Gto 4G

  • AnonD-613494

how to change my lumia 640 3g to 4g

  • Suku

How can i enable 4g in lumia 640

  • Gopal Chuniyar

4g software Lumia 535

  • Mahendran

I Too have Lumia 730 and this should support 4G. looking for upgrade for the same

  • Anonymous

How should iuse 4g on Lumia 730

  • jitendra

Guru, 17 Nov 2016Tell the procedure for conversion of lumia 535 3G to 4G535 4G

  • Guru

Tell the procedure for conversion of lumia 535 3G to 4G

  • sandy

Sir my phone is Microsoft 640 xl 3g . Can i convert into 4g.

  • mly

Sir my phone is Microsoft lumai 535,I have 3G data connection so please convert my phone in 4G

  • Rahul

Dear sir. I have lumia540. This is 3G mobile. Can I convert in 4G of this phone? I listen from some peoples. if u convert in 4g then u will face mobile hang problem. Is it right? Plz suggest me. I m waiting of your answer. Afterthat I think I can take a good decision. Thankyou so much.