Lava Pixel V1 second-gen Android One phone unveiled

27 July, 2015
The smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch 720p display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, all for less than $180.

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  • Akhil

Flash is not working

  • AnonD-277271

I 've been looking for a smartphone that will take care of my photography needs perfectly.
One a friends suggestion I came across LAVA Pixel v1 that was launched a few days back and man I must I say I've been floored by its 13MP rear camera and the 8MP front camera. Even the massive internal space has got me going. But what has impressed me the most is the fact that is a Google product so on issues of quality a such with regular updates that too.

  • AnonD-384398

I have been deliberating about buying a phone for a long time and one of the many models that I've shortlisted is the Lava Pixel v1. Quite honestly, I'm learning toward this phone more than the other on my list and find the camera quality swaying me the most. Also, 32GB internal memory really sounds like more than enough.

  • AnonD-312451

Truth be told anybody can deliver an expensive phone that doesn't hang and has an superb internal space but to provide it within a budget is something that's hard to do and that is why I like LAVA for its amazing array of phones especially the new Pixel v1. Being a Google approved product you are assured of the quality and the regular updates. Powered by the massive 2650mah battery it will last an entire day while providing the user with the smooth Lollipop experience.

  • Anonymous

4g coming soon in all the android one phone.

  • raj

Its a gd phone..

  • rex

Old chip set poor HD resolution with better life.. In this price range in comparison with other smartphone.. Its difficult to be a successor in this era

  • Rahul P

Its required with Full HD screen and LTE support. hence price is more then 10K

  • Cyr4x

Hopefully interpolation in cameras can be turned off and use real 8/5 Mpix.

  • AnonD-422165

It's a good phone for this price range. With a 5.5 inch IPS display (almost all brands are opting for big one), 2 years confirm upgrade (pure android, not with crappy bloatware apps), 32GB (24.6GB free) internal storage (who can give you that)......though little bit disappointed with the older 32 bit processor.
Still I am gonna buy it.

  • surendra

it's not beleable to everyone

  • Shail

AnonD-418181, 27 Jul 2015Does it look almost bezel less only to me? seen in youtube from

  • Nick

Honestly really disappointed with the low specs, especially considering how resource intensive Android is as an OS since Lollipop. Cool design though, especially the bezel-less profile on the sides.

  • AnonD-418181

Does it look almost bezel less only to me?

  • AnonD-99490

I don't think there's any android one smartphone toting a mediatek chipset other than the mt6582. So even if Lava wanted to change the processor to an octa-core mt6592 or even an mt6752, they can't. It's not really in their ability.
It's weird that the mt6582 gets a lot of lollipop updates but other mt65xx processors don't.

  • Anonymous

it is too large and not octa cores CPU very bad

  • premPandit07

this is verry very poor than other 10 k mobiles the screen is too larger and it is not octa core CPU please improved Google

  • SDKforLumia

From where I can see, its a pretty good device for this price.

  • joe

totally disgusting phone,lenovo a7000,k3 note is a lot better than this crap and google is making fool with Android one, as we have seen what lollipop done to previous gen,what was benefit of updating when you just make your phone crap maybe they ran out of storage with Android m.....

  • Beware

The best android one phone till date hope the price is budget friendly