Lava Pixel V1 second-gen Android One phone unveiled

27 July, 2015
The smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch 720p display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, all for less than $180.

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  • Shinigami

Good enough for communication and productivity. And for 80% of the phablet users, upgraded components are useless ! If I can buy it, I will do it.

  • AnonD-359916

Are lava and google trying 2 rob people by providing dis spec for d price dey r asking for dis phn. Just bcos dis will get latest update s/w do ppl have to pay dis much.

  • Anonymous

Real looks of Pixel V1 and these photos by manufacturer is totally different. There is no edge to edge display. Actually there is an thick black border around the display.

  • AnonD-92238

maybe they should have used this configuration in 2013, coupled with this price. seriously again a mali400 !!

  • Graz

It looks great, but interpolated photos are a big no ...better just say it's an 8mp camera and don't use interpolation to make photos bigger.

  • AnonD-405223

old weak chipset,poor gpu. and hd screen. will be laggy as hell for gaming.+ overpriced, we are now getting sd615 for that price.cant say hit or flop as we indians{not all} are stupid when it comes to technology.

gonna get some hate mails,i know but face it

  • duke

AnonD-392104, 27 Jul 2015This mobile is gonna be a big midrange competiter. Agree, even i was impressed with the looks and price. But the small mistake, they should have opted for an 64 bit processor with LTE, to be future proof. Still using an 32 bit processor, where the lollipop+ supports 64 bit and might get upgraded to future versions too. The questions might arise such as whether 64 bit & LTE is required, but nothing wrong in having that options if other competitors are providing.

  • AnonD-194030

I think I'll buy this

  • AnonD-392104

This mobile is gonna be a big midrange competiter.

  • bhavya

Just one word overpriced

  • the!ncreidble

The price tag might have been little lesser (>10k INR) considering the fierce competition from Xiaomi, Lenovo, Meizu whom provide high-end spec in those category