Microsoft Lumia 840 to follow Lumia 940 and 940XL, all by year-end

01 August, 2015
The flagship 900s won't jump straight to 950, all three models tipped to feature on-screen buttons.

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  • AnonD-293750

AnonD-293750, 02 Aug 2015Why on earth would you downgrade from a G3 to a 1520? and second... moreCorrection. thought you were talking about 1320. Why on earth would you call that a downgrade with whats happening now with windows 10? Youre probably just too invested with android.

  • AnonD-293750

AnonD-90109, 02 Aug 2015I could not have said it any better, the app gap on WP is just a... moreWhy on earth would you downgrade from a G3 to a 1520? and secondly, you chose the wrong phone. Lumia 930 and Lumia 1020 would have made your downgrade less regrettable.

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2015No one wants Windows anymore It is a joke Serious app gap.. OS... moreYou've no idea what you're talking about, do you?
I've been using Lumia 1520 for the last 1.5yrs (moving from Note). The battery still holds for 2 days (WiFi&BT always on), the latest updates are always on time, there is no lag whatsoever, it has a the best camera, sound and screen I've encountered on a handheld device. The app gap? If you're talking about a million useless copycat crap apps that multiply like rodents on the other platforms, then be my guest.

  • Aadrian

I don't like the idea of onscreen buttons for the flagships so I hope they come with the capacitive buttons for the 9xx series.

  • AnonD-90109

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2015No one wants Windows anymore It is a joke Serious app gap.. OS... moreI could not have said it any better, the app gap on WP is just atrocious.

  • AnonD-349743

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2015No one wants Windows anymore It is a joke Serious app gap.. OS... moreHow disgustingly worthless your opinion is is too much for any decent person to read.

  • AnonD-195762

Wtf are you talking about?

  • AnonD-414565

SDKforLumia, 01 Aug 2015No Microsoft, please don't do this. Please please DO NOT remove ... moreWhy not?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-421428, 01 Aug 2015I've always been and Android user since 2009, but that wouldn't ... moreI think Blackberry OS is better for touch.

  • AnonD-421428

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2015No one wants Windows anymore It is a joke Serious app gap.. OS... moreI've always been and Android user since 2009, but that wouldn't prevent me from acknowledging that Windows Phone is the best mobile OS on the market today either aesthetically or when it comes to how optimized it is for its hardware and stellar battery performance, the lack of apps is the only issue it has but other than that, it's the perfect mobile OS.

  • No matter

940 this year? So soon? 950 will be in 2020 then. Microsoft is on the speed of light...

  • SDKforLumia

No Microsoft, please don't do this. Please please DO NOT remove capacitive menu keys. Please GSMArena convey this message to Microsoft if you guys can.

  • Anonymous

If peoples wants something from Microsoft they will not get it, like: capacitive buttons, classic start button for wind 8 laptop, a classic easy to use OS, beautiful OS for smartphones and laptops, a lots of presetting with app witch I never use. Modern for Microsoft is like going in the shop to buy bread and you need to search in all shop after bred because they change the place where the bred was before.

  • Anonymous

On-Screen buttons? No thanks microsoft... I will go for some other device... I think microsoft want me to stop thinking about lumia 940...

  • AnonD-84571

S5, Note 4 & S6 from Samsung - Nexus 5 (LG) & Nexus 6 (Motorola) from Google, Z3 & Z3+ from Sony, P8 & Honor 7 from Huawei, Moto X from Motorola, G4 & G flex 2 from LG, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus from Apple, ONE M8 from HTC along with Classic & Passport from BlackBerry are among the most versatile and worth to buy, but let be fair toward each of them:
BlackBerry suffer from an market illness which almost any gaming or business app developer do not like to release apps for the ecosystem, so they use what is good for Android.

Apple is king of Apps in its store for its iDevices and many people spend their money there to have a slice of the joy which waves inside iTunes services.

Android is the Real Kings of Real People around the world which we can find a phone in android from Vertu with its super expensive phones (in regular models , not gold or diamond boosted version of specific model which are limited and unreachable to public) to those handsets from companies which their offering are as low as 70USD (i.e Lenovo A316i) and are able to run almost 75% of apps in play store with lags or apps' instability which are suitable for those who use smartphone for calling, messaging, being in social networks and spend some times with low profile games.

Spec wise (Not quantity, but compatibility and value in how to spend for what):

Blackberry since Q10 still can handle too many apps from android sources with a 1.5 Dual SoC and 2GB of RAM (Which many Android top dogs from 2012 lag behind them); so, CPU/RAM + Display + Price tag = Acceptable value for a business phone.

Apple since iPhone 4 configured its handsets excellent but with a huge bug inside the calculation which still exist. As many people know a Chevy Camaro never becomes a luxury car even if the manufacturer start to produce long vehicle limousine of the model (which was done for limited numbers). Apple is neither luxury phone maker nor luxury brand, iPhone 5 with cheap aluminum, iPhone 4 with not special behind glass, iPhone 6 Plus with what we all know. Most people keep their iPhones in various covers which make the brand cheap as gypsies are decorated in colorful (but not unified) dresses. iOS in devices that load it (I mean iPhone & iPad) are not worth the price tag that apple offer, So:

CPU/RAM + Display + Price tag = Excellent for those who want to show off their wealth in this manner but can not afford a real luxury handset to buy.

Android is from other view of the world which is all people in the world with any budget
must be able to experience digital contents of today. High end handsets are various in spec from Qualcomm powered to Mediatek powered ones. The problem in Android is the OS which consumes too much energy to perform fluently. The latest Android version is not out yet, but 5 (Lollipop) with its siblings are the worst experience for those who own the handset with the OS loaded in them. KitKat was growing point of Android and Lollipop is the weakness that will occur for anything which wants to grow up. As Android is a global OS, their faults are also global; lollipop was not mistake but a transition from tradition to 64-bit computing area. no one can say that a specific model with Android 5 totally suffer from unrecoverable error. Many misused handsets are in danger to lose data, crash or fail to operate many things correctly.

CPU/RAM + Display + Price tag = In above 70 percent of cases, are fair toward the end users.

How about Windows ecosystem?

PC industry in complex computing is apart from Mobile industry with their reduced computing priority.

Windows Mobile once was unbeatable in many countries for businessmen and also many other end users. They were almost PDA with further opportunity to operate many simple to average tasks. WM6 was the first serious step toward phone industry which completed its goal with Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 8 starts to breath in a completely new world with new root which was NT kernel for communicating with resources. At first it was the failure for the OS company, but then starts to grow and now Windows Phone 8.1.1 or 8.1.2 is a OS in road to success.

The amount of apps are not so important that many people think. Imagine a group of people only buy Windows Phone in their Group, They can communicate with each other without any problem because their environment is the same.

Most of Today's apps are in Windows store and many other are missing. Human being is not like robots which in case of null situation or empty line of code, start to send logical error. People in Europe told the industry that people in the world need services which worth to have with acceptable amount of money.

Comparing Blackberry Passport, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4 and Lumia 640 XL, the winner is absolutely Lumia 640 XL.
I used All of them and with open eyes and mind I find it.
- It Does all tasks with lower speed comparing any of them.
- Its camera department is on par with them in daylight, but in low light its not even acceptable. Front facing is also acceptable and is even much better than 6 Plus and Passport to take selfies.
- Many high quality games are in your hand without any sudden interruption as on screen keys can be hide and no other buttons are in its surface.
- Many apps in different categories do what others in other ecosystems do.
- Its build quality and durability which means "I as a human, not Superman or Thor, want to carry my phone with me in many places", is not premium, but surpass 6 Plus and passport by durability matter.

Lumia 640 is winner because:

You do all your tasks with 5 second delay in operation without lag or bug in the OS and in average pay:
450USD less than iPhone 6 Plus
290USD less than Passport
160USD less than Galaxy Note 4

Does it worth for many people in order to work for 5 second faster, Spend at least 160USD more?
Logic will answer .....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2015No one wants Windows anymore It is a joke Serious app gap.. OS... moreWindows phone 8.1 has the same functionality and most responsiveness across all devices. Android on the other hand lags like hell and is on low end devices and lack of updates for low and mid end devices. Windows, however has updates for almost all devices (if carriers contribute on these updates to be sent to the users). Android borrowed the flat design from Windows phone. Microsoft created the flat design first, not Android. So as a consequence, Windows has been up to date with the design all along. Don't bash an OS just because you didn't like it, please.

  • Anonymous

Windows 10 is far from finish, but still better than any android for sure..I used android only once recently, but no thanks;) Not for me. Laggy expirience, my friend also sold S6edge.. I really understand him.

  • LamiaLove

God, I hope they don't put on-screen buttons on all the models!

  • Anonymous

Everyone knows that only 940 and 940 xl will come out. 840 cancelled long ago.

  • Charley

Knowing Microsoft, they'll probably put the SD410 in the Lumia 850 and charge $449 for it.

After all, they asked $449 for the L830 that had SD400 and 720p when it launched last year.

They always fail on pricing.