Unknown Sony Ericsson Kurara look-alike has QWERTY keyboard

04 January, 2010
A tipster sent us a photo of a Sony Ericsson phone we haven't seen before. It looks like a Sony Ericsson Kurara, it quacks like a Kurara, but has a QWERTY keyboard. Yep, this just might be... Updated 05 Jan!

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  • Anonymous

Another i8910 killer?? nah, NOTHING beats Samsung i8910 HD (at least this year)!!

  • se fun

prefer unit (kanna or kurrara) with qwerty keybord, hd, 8,1 mp, possible features tv-out, secondary camera, dvdb-h/dvb-t broadcast receiver and good price

  • CPW gaz

right ok, well ive had a look at both these photos and well in the bottom pic where is the line that splits the keyboard from the front of the phone?????

i dont see one. and this might be why people are getting confused about the pixel count?!

the second pic might be of a different phone... of the kurara? sounds like a logical explination to me :)

  • Phono Teka

5,1 Mpix ;)

  • Andreas

I think it looks quite cheap :/

  • kia

just n97 and else

  • oubsty

Ellis, 04 Jan 2010Take a look at the way to screen is, its at an angle, and the ke... moreif u look at the photo u will see that when the picture was taken there was a flash look at the phone properly thats the real deal aint nothing cooked about this phone and SE has alot more phones to come including a new xperia

  • Anonymous


The Kanna will feature a 720 MHz processor, Iím guessing itís the OMAP3630.

other pic

  • madscotsman

Ellis, 04 Jan 2010Take a look at the way to screen is, its at an angle, and the ke... morecould be similar to the n97 where the screen is at an angle when the keyboard is out.

  • Anonymous

there are two phones coming from sony ericsson, having symbian S60 one of them is Kurara and other is Kanna, Kurara is fully touch no qwerty and kanna which is this one is with qwerty, both are HD, 8MP camera.

  • phonoteka

cpu 720 MHz,HD Video,1200 mAh li-po bat.and waith for camera info ;)

  • Matt

looks like a bad photo shop to me

  • Hauer

It's like a Nokia 5800 with a physical keyboard.
Me like :D

  • tgm91

Maybe this will make it on market sooner than 2011 :)

  • Anonymous

great viva symbian

  • Ndrey

this is symbian s60 v5 !! yeaaaah !!

  • pipino

ijust stick for the X2,

  • Wesley

It would be nice if Sony Ericsson could make a Xperia X10 spec phone with a qwerty keyboard too, to rival the Motorola Milestone and LG's Android phone.

  • Anonymous

samsung omnia??

  • lolme

to me this looks fake firstly because the qwerty is not se style,secondly the screen looks too far(not stable for slide) and finally, there is a difference in light exposure between the screen and the qwert pad.