Unknown Sony Ericsson Kurara look-alike has QWERTY keyboard

04 January, 2010
A tipster sent us a photo of a Sony Ericsson phone we haven't seen before. It looks like a Sony Ericsson Kurara, it quacks like a Kurara, but has a QWERTY keyboard. Yep, this just might be... Updated 05 Jan!

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  • FireDragon

It does look like an Omnia if you see it from up front but this angle hides the details that makes this design very different from said handset. In Kurara there are brief curves on both sides (top and bottom) where Omnia is blockish.

I am not sure about the keyboard here, photoshopped or not but it doesn't look like SE's keyboard in shape where the keys arrangement are SE's. It is possible that they are making this set for Mid-end market.

We have seen what Sony Ericsson can do with the keyboards (X1 and X2).

  • Anonymous

its just like omnia hd huh?

  • Ellis

Take a look at the way to screen is, its at an angle, and the keyboard looks flat, with no elevation, for me, this looks photoshopped.

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't be so sure about this photo. I remember the XPERIA X2 leak and it was hell ugly but when the phone was finally announced, WOW! It looked really sleek and sexy!

Look at the leak photo:

And the final photo:

It had MAJOR improvements.

  • Anonymous

Actually it's not ugly..photoshopped or not.

  • Anonymous

Looks Ugly even Elthon John is more pretty!!

  • Anonymous

the Xperia X1 keyboard was near perfect, but this (If it isnt a design by a 10 year old using photoshop ) lacks a decent looking keyboard, it looks overly cheap but then again it might be very easy to use, but damn it does loook ugly! X10 FTW

  • oubsty

it looks pretty interesting to me and as i said be for SE will rise above the rest

  • Anonymous

Is it just me or does the phone really look photoshoped? The phone doesn't look Sony Ericsson-ish to me.

  • kulgan

[deleted post]yep

  • visi

anon , 04 Jan 2010keypad looks cheaplooks like Photoshop magic!

  • Anonymous

Symbian is okay, but why the hell they make so childish like PlayStation look, it's ugly!

  • Anonymous

Symbian^1 a.k.a S60v5 still live?

  • Anonymous

Another failure of their business phone adventure !!!

  • paopy

The looks of the fone have similarities lyk the Samsung Omnia HD just take of the qwerty board and make it Winmo than symbian Os haha :D

  • anon

keypad looks cheap

  • Rajeev

LooK awesome

  • Dee

That's nice! Can't wait to see the full story.

  • Matt

Wow! looks amazing and it's a lot better than N97....the design is better... :)

  • gamikzone

nice but i prefer x2 cuz the display resolution and the os