Samsung Galaxy Note5 goes on sale in Taiwan

15 August, 2015
The 32GB variant is priced at around $740, while the 64 GB model will set you back around $820.

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  • AnonD-410872

Those two bird's are fit.

  • AnonD-124721

Good looking ladies. The girl on the left a cutie pie while the girl on the right is a sexy vixen with bedroom eyes. I'll date both.

  • Anonymous

they should have never got rid of the removable battery and sd card slot. A lot of fans loved those features.

  • AnonD-253917

Ice cream cake , 16 Aug 2015First country to sell Note 5 is not only Taiwan, Singapre a... more2915 is quite a good year..lolol

  • Anonymous

i wish the note 5 was just like the previous notes-removable batteries, and sd card. samsung is just like apple now and don't care for pro users. they could of at least added 4000mah battery so it could have a battery that doesn't suck in a year. not evey1 gets a new phone every year and these features that are no longer available make your phone last longer meaning less smartphone and e waste-so dont say i'm not sticking with the times


how much the price?

  • Ice cream cake

Dhie07, 16 Aug 2015Is it really on sale in singapore?Yes, Note 5 was sold starting yesterday (15 August 2015) in both 32GB and 64GB ( Black and Gold) only. I am using it right now, it's way faster than S6 Edge and no RAM Managment issue.

  • Ice cream cake

First country to sell Note 5 is not only Taiwan, Singapre also start selling on 15 August 2915. LOL

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2015No SD card slot. Enough said.... Why you even bother posting? Tiny part of you are interested in this device.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-428442, 16 Aug 2015$800+? And people think iPhones are expensive. With Xiaomi... moreAnd it cost $80 to change unremovable battery in iphone compare to $45 in this Samsung device. Just a mere $15 differences than Samsung $30 battery spare.

  • masood phablet

I do like to know how they decide to create a flagship with downgraded options !.
Note series were different and brilliant series of Samsung mobile phones. it's a very good opportunity for other companies like Sony and HTC to speedup their sales and technology developments.

  • Anonymous

Samsung and Apple will have a better quality then copied phone

  • Anonymous

No SD card slot. Enough said....

  • AnonD-428442

$800+? And people think iPhones are expensive.
With Xiaomi and Motorola releasing great smartphones at ~$200-$300 price points, I wonder why people are still willing to spend $800-$1000 for an Android phone, other than status symbol (which make them the same as what they claim people buy iPhones for).

  • Dhie07

D8Sen, 15 Aug 2015Singapore already on sale starting yesterday (14/08). SGD 1... moreIs it really on sale in singapore?

  • Taib

How do you expect your S6 to be smooth when you are sounding rough...!

  • Anonymous

both good looking

Singapore already on sale starting yesterday (14/08). SGD 1.088 for the 32gb variant. And SGD 1.188 for the 64gb variant of the note5.

  • Anonymous

My S6 is not as smooth after last firmware update as my sisters Galaxy J5 . I dont think Note 5 will be smooth or something.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-142922, 15 Aug 2015samsung and their phones are so boring.. mountain rear cam... moreThats your opinion about the camera but i think that a flat phone with no pertruding camera would look too flat like a piece of brick. It looks better with shapes.