EISA Awards results are out, Huawei P8 voted Best consumer smartphone

15 August, 2015
LG snatches two Best product prizes - for camera with the G4 and for wearable product with the Watch Urbane.

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U see ppl ?
What did I tell you back in few months ago ?? h ?
Here you go !

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Gibby, 15 Aug 2015Suprised a lesser know Chinese brand like Huawei won the co... moreYou do realize Huawei has been the only Chinese smartphone manufacture in the top 5 for more than 2 years.

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AnonD-152638, 17 Aug 2015Oh, and Lumia 930, should be included, 'cause that is their... moreThose are from 2014. Did you read the Article.

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AnonD-152638, 17 Aug 2015I really wish GSMarena could put an end to the camera discu... moreOh, and Lumia 930, should be included, 'cause that is their latest, best cameraphone, if I'm not misstaken. (and I think I've read somewhere it has 3 axis image stabilization, like LG G4, and Samsung only offer 2 axis plus digital)

And HTC One M8, cause it has even bigger pixels than the N8. And Perhaps the M9 mostly to see what difference it made to the over all performance compared to the M8.

And you should probably throw in the latest sony Z series just for the sake of it. And or the Moto X style, with the latest Sony sensor, the same as in the upcoming Z device.

And of course if there is any other relevant mobile that I can't think of.

  • Sili

Adi T., 16 Aug 2015How can the G4's camera be considered the best? Lumia 102... moreHello,

You are not to bright, are you? When were those phones released and how much was their price at launch? And what other features did they offer besides just cramming in camera with as much megapixels as possible?

You are just a winphone fanboy trying to justify to himself that Lumia's are worth buying in the consumer sphere. Newsflash, Lumia's are terrible at satisfying the needs of the larger consumer sphere, terrible apps with no support whatsoever, marketplace is filled with not to many apps but the ones that matter are worthless.

  • AnonD-152638

I really wish GSMarena could put an end to the camera discussuion.
Get hold of an 808, an 1020, a CM1 + of course S6 (or one of the other mobiles that shares the same camera setup), Note 4 (it has slightly different lens), LG G4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (or actually the upcoming iPhones, or both if they come out with higher resolution, resulting in smaller pixel size), perhaps throw in a S5 just to show what isocell means, and a K Zoom, just so readers will now where it places... great if they could get their hands on an N8 as well, as it has the bigger pixels than the rest.

Test the captured resolution, throughout the entire frame, in good and bad light, test image and typical city view.
Test low light capabilities (without flash), up close, distant (city view), with both moving objects and with stationary obejcts, so we can se the upside and the downside of OIS.
Test dynamic range of the sensor (with HDR inactivated).
Perhaps test the dynamic range with HDR mode activated on the devices that support it, or bracketing if that is possible.
Test white balance, under different lights.
Test autofocus under different lights.

And try to explain to readers, how numbers of pixels in specification, is irrelevant, that only the amount of actual caputred detail is relevant.
Also explain how the 808 and 1020, uses captured pixels to enable zoom, and how the same thing could be done with other devices, by just cropping, and that in that situation, the actual captured detail is relevant to the result (and that no amount of extra pixels on the sensor will do any difference, if they don't actually captures any details).

Also test how much better the reach of the flash of the Nokias, really is. And how much more it seems to drain the battery. And do a writedown, of how often, that xenon flash would be more usefull, keep in might that the reach isnt that big, you often find that the reach of the built in flash of DSLRs arent enough, and they are quite a bit more powerfull, so the situations where the Xenon would make a difference, might be fewer than some think.
Also explain that Xenon is bigger in size, so that there is also that for mobile makers to consider, when deciding on led or Xenon.

I'm not sure GSMarena would conclude that those old Nokias are still the kings of mobile photography.
And if one of them still is, the difference is no way near the difference in terms of pixels in the specifications, or the extra bulk they have due to their sensors, it's probably only marginal at the best, if that is the case.

GSMarena should then keep the devices around, which comes up best in any of the test situations. So they can use it as a reference, till the day it has been beaten.
If the CM1 comes out on top, and 808, 1020 or N8 places behind it, before any mainstream device, well that Nokia should be kept as well, until it has been beaten, so GSMarena can declare the dethroning of it, even if the actual king would be the CM1.

It might not totally put an end to this the king of mobile photography status of the 808 or 1020, if they come out best in any of the test, or if they are the over all winners. But if that is the result, it would give it a new perspective, where we then could see how close newer devices that arent photo-centered have gotten.

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  • Anonymous

Lol for those complaining about the P8... I chose it over the S6 / G4 and have absolutely no complaints whatsoever... Easily the best phone I've ever had... The G4 and S6 TECHNICALLY have the better screens if you look at the specs, and at it with a microscope, but using the phone like normal it doesn't matter, it's just as good. One of the best LCD screens IMO. And the blacks somehow managed to look AMOLED like but obviously with the benefits of LCD. Never had GPU problems either, runs any game easily...
Build quality is insane and attention to detail better than most... This was the first phone I got where getting and opening the box was an actual enjoyable experience... it's like the packaging of a high end watch...

My literally only qualms are the supplied headphones are a bit too bassy and the Light Painting camera modes are a bit harder to use if you want to get creative so there's a learning curve there...

Don't hate guys

  • AnonD-152638

At first I was supprised by the Huawei P8 reward, but then I read the review.
Sure, you could grab last years Sony flagship Z3 for about the same price (even cheaper sometimes), but that is a last years phone. And it doesnt beat the P8 in every category.

So the P8 seems like a good buy.
It saves you a couple of hundred euros compared to this years flagships. (and the Note 4 that seems overpriced today, the prices really has not fallen as much as they should have).
The S6 duos does have better cameras, better batterylife, quite a bit better screens and much better CPU/GPU combo. But for the average consumer, those plusses don't equate to the price difference. And the P8 doesnt have a camera hump. And is still thinner.

So the P8 really is a device, that more consumers in Europe should consider.
Well picked by EISA

  • AnonD-391800

Sweet Sony, always best overall....
P.s. For those complaining about Huawei...its the best consumer smartphone, meaning best you can get for its price.. Mmmmkey?
Lg won for camera, I hope cause of the best camera app, camcorder is ridiculously bad on G4.
Sammy for most advanced, would agree, they crammed it all up in there, not that all that tech is best at anything but...its all in there

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Adi T., 16 Aug 2015How can the G4's camera be considered the best? Lumia 102... morewhat year those phone released? this is 2015

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Adi T., 16 Aug 2015How can the G4's camera be considered the best? Lumia 102... moreLG G4 proud here.....the best camera

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Adi T., 16 Aug 2015How can the G4's camera be considered the best? Lumia 102... morebro, lumia 1020 and 930 are products years ago, this award are based on products released at 2014-2015

  • Adi T.

How can the G4's camera be considered the best?
Lumia 1020, Lumia 930, etc. have far better cameras, OIS and manual controls.

I guess they left those out because Nokia is not in the phone business at the moment... Or they got paid by LG to give them this award.

  • Iskander

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2015Not really. 1020 still had its strengths. The S6 actually... moreInteresting that you blame me for having a false opinion, to not much later claim the awesomeness of the camera of the Galaxy S6, while in a majority of reviews, the G4 has the upper hand, which basically brings home the reason why EISA gave the G4 the award for the camera.

In any case, I'm perfectly fine with you having the opinion that S6 rocks, just don't expect everybody to agree with that, for various reasons.

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AnonD-324394, 16 Aug 2015The Sony Xperia z3+ beat HTC in multimedia because of the h... moreTheir audio is really not more high resolution at all.
And HTC has speakers too.

However I do agree that the Z2-Z4 are factually overal more ahead.
Much better display and battery life. More elegant and advanced ui.
I like the Xperia design better personally and it offers water protection.
Better camera.
And in some of the situations, especially for vocals and higher quality sound rather than pop or bass, the Z3 had better and louder speakers.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246216, 16 Aug 2015The edge is not advanced at all. Its just a pretty looking ... moreLol. Wow. A lot of you have no idea and think you know it all

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246216, 16 Aug 2015The lumia 1020 was just a hype job, to be honest. Not reall... moreLol. Nice try

  • AnonD-324394

AnonD-425519, 15 Aug 2015Great awards. Makes sense. Multimedia though, hmm, I would ... moreThe Sony Xperia z3+ beat HTC in multimedia because of the high res audio and digital noise cancelation ect and plus the dual speakers

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Iskander, 15 Aug 2015It remains funny to see how a composition of 'best devices ... moreThe Nokia 808PV IS the best (still image) camera phone. Period. It's just not the best 2015-released camera-phone. As the article clearly states that they give "annual awards". This nothing to do with ignorance from Nokia 808 owners. It I'd in fact you who is ignorant. Because the facts and logic speak for themselves. The 808PV has both a powerful true xenon flash AND a led (video-)light and that pureview-tech is just awesome. Sure, you can down sample images too in Photoshop, but the 808PV does this blistering fast with great shot-to-shot times (unlike the 1020).

If the article would state the best camera-phone UPTO 2015 then the 808PV should indeed still be no.1.